Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 3 - Long Days Abound

It was a brutal week. It was the first week back at the pool so I had to readjust to being busy after work again after a month off and work was pretty frantic too. At least it ended in a three day weekend.

In past semesters, I’ve skipped water aerobics on Monday so I could go home and eat before knitting but I’ve decided to skip Wednesdays this semester, which makes Monday a LONG day but gives me a break mid week, which will be nice. So I brought a lunch to eat in the car and went to the Chinese buffet with Darla for lunch. It was good to get back in the pool and then knitting was fun too. Donna and Jan came for the first time in months and I finished my sock, even successfully kitchenered it in public. If you don’t knit, trust me, that’s a feat. Then I went home and did some of the chores I’d skipped Sunday. See? I really long day.

I started Tuesday getting to campus at 7:40 so I could get a good spot for the pool then slamming to get something done for Mary’s 10:00 meeting. I swam again on Tuesday (still felt great) and then went to a Trustees meeting at the library where they would be providing an explanation for why the Foundation got rid of the Friends and put us under the Trustees. I had been worried about how to get my point across (I was pissed at the total lack of communication until it was a done deal. It also means a lot more work for me, the Friends treasurer BTW) but needn’t have worried because the president of the Friends was there and was in full blown tears before she finished her last sentence. I felt better for having shared my feelings and got home at 8:15. Sheesh!

I was looking forward to Wednesday and started it off getting a Starbuck’s, which felt like a treat since it had been awhile. The day was going just fine until 4:00, when I went to the kitchen for water and came back with caramel corn. I had stopped at Nora’s to see if she wanted some and she declined, citing her recent tooth problem. Not me. I went back to my desk and within minutes I had broken a tooth, swallowing it for good measure. I called my dentist and they said I could come right in so I was in the chair by 5:00 and home by 5:30. The good news was he thought he could fix it with a filling but I was still in a bit of a funk and sat like a zombie in a chair, not knitting, not getting anything done. Oh well.

It was bitter cold on Thursday and I was on campus early again so I could get a parking spot. Dodie and I went to Applebee’s for lunch and I cranked on a new report for the boss. Swimming was brutal (agony with Alison – the best work out and instructor) and then I stopped at Goodwill so didn’t get home until 8:00 AGAIN. I have got to stop that trend! Then I had to do the treasurer’s report for Friends so couldn’t relax even then. But the next day was Friday so all was good.

On Friday I had lunch with Layton (Chinese buffet again) and worked until the last second doing the last of my monthly reports that were held up by a problem with the tables. Darla and I were going shopping after work. We started at our favorite thrift store, where I scored tons of great stuff. $22 worth, which is unheard of. Then we went to the mall, where I has stuff to return at CJ Banks and then we’d search for a winter coat. I hate shopping like that so was skeptical of success but we hit pay dirt at JC Penney – the first store we tried. I had very specific criteria and there was exactly one coat in the style I wanted and it was my size, even fitting my odd shape. Best part? It was a Liz Claiborne for $39! Darla and I split up then I headed to Joann’s for quilt fabric. It was another late night – you guessed it! I got home at 8:00, just in time to watch Fringe. Finally I could relax.

I got up early on Saturday because I wanted to wrap and pack my two swap boxes and get them mailed before the Friends meeting at 9:30. Well, I didn’t get to the post office until 9:25 and then my package to Canada was overweight so I had the wrong customs slip filled out. I was ten minutes late to Friends but the packages were done so I was happy. After Friends Lorri and I had made plans to have lunch but Jenna and Denise ended up joining us so it wasn’t the catch up session we’d planned. The best part was, I could go home and was free as a bird for the rest of the day. Yay! I started my chores but mostly spent time finishing the crocheted rug and watched TV. It felt great.

On Sunday, Andrea and were going to Lincoln for lunch, shopping and a gallery tour at the quilt museum. I was picking her up at noon but couldn’t resist doing some baking – peanut butter muffins (yum – try this recipe) and lemon bread pudding with chocolate covered raisins. We had lunch at South 9 Grill, courtesy of Anne who gave me the certificate for $25 off a $35 check so we had entrees rather than sandwiches and got 3 desserts to go – one for Anne, which we dropped at her house on the way to Target. The quilt walk was very interesting (I hadn’t expected to enjoy it so much) and then we went to Menard’s and Super Saver, getting home ~7:00. I enjoyed an evening of TV and the last of my tuna casserole, happy that Monday was a holiday. What’s not to like about that? It’s the last one for a long time though. Time to start thinking about taking some vacation time.

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