Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - Just One Word

My word for the year is Crafting!

I haven't done well with my annual word choice since the very successful Enough for 2009. Last year's word was mindful and the only thing I can say I was mindful of was the fact that I spent way too much time in 2011 sitting and knitting. Now that was better than just sitting but still, not what I had in mind when I chose that word. So this year I'm going for something concrete.

My goal for 2012 is to spend chunks of unscheduled time down in my basement craft room creating things. I have the supplies (jeez, do I have supplies!) and even many unfinished projects, for instance my pink and orange quilt. I just need to get busy. So instead of spending a free Saturday afternoon knitting and watching netflix, I'm going to head downstairs and get busy. I see myself quilting, making more little pouches, recycling old jeans into craft bags.... that kind of thing.

My friend Dodie is keeping me honest. I've agreed to a monthly show and tell to keep me honest. In a similar vein, and this will count as a 2nd goal for 2012, Andrea and I are going to do something cultural once a month. A play, a museum, something! It's good to have friends. Happy New Year everyone.

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