Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 2 - The Crafting Begins

Usually I love a week that starts with a holiday but this one was the last day of break so it was sad. It was also reality check time because I had barely made a dent in my to do list so I had to get busy.

I was a machine all day Monday, barely stopping for lunch between doing chores. I was hosting knitting in the evening so I had a deadline, which is always a good motivator for me. I was ready to sit when Andrea and Anne Marie arrived at 7:00. We had fun and knitted a bit longer than usual since we weren’t being kicked out of the library at 8:00. I went to bed with the usual regrets about not getting enough done over break. Nothing new there.

The alarm on Tuesday was a rude awakening but I headed to work ready to handle monthly reports on my own. Dale helped last month, despite already being in his new job in Payroll, but not this month. What usually takes me between 2 and 3 days would fill the whole week this time. The days flew by and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather for Starbuck’s runs most afternoons, which helped because I didn’t sleep well a couple of nights so needed the caffeine. On Thursday, Darla and I walked there with no coats and were perfectly warm. It was 65!

It was not a good week for my friends getting jobs. Carolyn found out that Warwick was opening the job for more applicants and Cranston had moved on so the half time job she’d been offered before Christmas was gone too. Then on Thursday, Darla found out she didn’t get the job in Purchasing, which was a shock to everyone and must have been because someone who shouldn’t have interfered in the process did. My heart ached and I really didn’t sleep much at all that night, disturbed by the whole thing. It was quiet in the office and I finished up my work just before 5:00. I was SO ready for the weekend.

Darla was coming to Wahoo to play on Saturday morning. She arrived at 8:00 and we headed to Rezac’s in Weston for breakfast. From there we “did” Wahoo – The Warehouse and other stores on the main drag, the thrift store at the senior center and a driving tour of the lake and other Wahoo hot spots. She left ~2:00. It was fun. I didn’t get much else done that day, ending the night by watching Captain America.

Sunday should have been chore day and I did manage to do laundry but got sucked into my craft room, organizing and prepping quilt fabric for quilting. My first project for the year will be putting together a quilt with squares I bought years ago at an auction or thrift store. I also have a stack of 6” squares from totally 70’s color quilting fabric that I want to use. Love those 70’s! With all this crafting going on, I didn’t get many chores done so am facing the week with a messy house. But life goes on and it’s a new week. Let’s hope it’s a better one for my friends.

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