Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 51 - Counting the Days

Like the rest of the planet, this week was all about crossing things off my Christmas to do list. Everything was organized based on wanting to mail Ginny’s package on Wednesday. Once that was done, the heat would be off. Let the Christmas prep begin!

On Monday, I picked up the pictures for the calendars and did a bit of shopping over lunch. After work I hit the super market before knitting at the library, after which Andrea opened her shop for me so I could buy the replacement yarn for my last Christmas project. I say Christmas but I’d already resigned myself to not having them done until after I get back from RI. Life goes on. Anyway, when I got home at 8:30, I wrapped all Ginny’s presents and went to bed tired. I wonder why.

The goal for Tuesday was to get the calendars done. I had lunch with Dodie then picked up some replacement pics for some I’d picked up Monday (badly cropped by Walgreens.) I stopped for a few groceries and egg nog on the way home since I’d have a night of scrapbooking ahead of me. Well, I got home and found that they hadn’t given me all my bags at the market so no egg nog. Since they’d screwed up at the other market on Monday, I’d have to go back to both markets. Just what I need to add to my list! Oh well. The calendars took 2.5 hours (longer than I’d thought) but at least they were done. I went to bed hoping I’d sleep better than the night before. Could it be stress disturbing my sleep? Hmmmm….

I didn’t sleep better and was wide awake super early so decided to get up and do something so baked banana bread. I had a dentist appointment at 8:00 to have my permanent crown put in, which was a good thing because I’d been biting my tongue because of the huge temp one for two weeks. I took my packages and a warm loaf of the banana bread for the dentist and left for another packed day. After a stop at the post office, I got to work ~10:00. It’s amazing how fast a day goes when it starts that late. I had a Husker Cats meeting after work, stopped at Super Saver to pick up my egg nog and flew home for Survivor. With the packages mailed, the heat was off so I was taking a night for myself to veg. It was wonderful.

Thursday was our office Christmas party so I grabbed my white elephant gift and headed to work. With a nice long lunch at Misty’s where I got a bolt of lace curtain material for my white elephant (not all bad), it was another fast day. After a stop at market #1 (4 days in a row of after work grocery shopping – sheesh!) to fix Monday’s problem, I went home for another night with no pressure. There is something to be said about having to ship giving earlier holiday deadlines.

I had taken Friday afternoon off, not because I was feeling pressured but because I hate having half days in my bank. I had a plumber coming at 3:00 to ream out the floor drain in the basement but otherwise didn’t have much on my list. I worked the morning then went to lunch with Layton. We ate at the Red Fox (a blue collar bar that does a quick lunch and so is one of our stand bys) and I couldn’t find my keys when we went to leave. While I searched my purse, Layton went out to the car and I’d LEFT IT RUNNING! Yes, I had a truly senior moment and because it was Lincoln, the car was still there. But I was so freaked out that I went straight home without stopping. It was troubling but I put it out of my mind and focused on the rest of the list. The plumber was done and I was vegging by 3:30. Yes, vegging. I took the afternoon off. Scandalous! I did manage to get my inside tree up and decorated that night but did nothing else productive.

I was up early and wrapping Saturday morning. Andrea had mentioned an Omaha run so I wanted to be done wrapping so that’d be a possibility. But when I heard how many places she was stopping, I declined to go figuring she wouldn’t be home until late. I had a nice afternoon at home. I got a lot done on my to do list and went to bed early.

Sunday was chore day since my Christmas to do list was down to packing and prepping to leave. I decided I should get my chores done in the morning and then head down to the craft room to work on quick project. Lorri stopped by after church so I gave her her mittens, which she loved. I got a big hug. By mid afternoon, when the sun streams into the basement, I was in the craft room neatizing it and starting the project. It felt great to have the spare time so close to Christmas. I finished the project and was cooking dinner in time to watch TV all night – the Survivor finale.

It was a busy week but I got everything done in the nick of time and ended the week with extra time on my hands. Nice! And just four days until I’ll fly east. Merry Christmas everyone!

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