Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 49 - Starting Christmas Prep

It was a busy week, yet again. The pre-Christmas list seems huge and is stressing me out but I’ll get it done. One thing at a time.

The days flew by this week. After work Monday I scored a new Krups coffee pot at the thrift store, which was perfect timing because mine had died that morning. Then it was knitting as usual and I got tons done afterwards. I had lunch with Dodie on Tuesday then taught all afternoon, which made for a quick afternoon, then I swam after work.

I had a dentist appointment first thing Wednesday and I was not prepared for the 1-1/4 hours I was in the chair, 30 minutes of which was drilling to remove my old crown. Yikes! Now if the temporary crown will just stay in my mouth until the permanent one is ready. I went to the court house to register my car after the dentist only to find out when I got the window that my insurance card had expired the day before. So I headed home to find my new one, which I never did so had to call my insurance company to have them fax one to the court house. Sheesh! From there I headed to my mechanics, where I was dropping my car for a once over since it was hesitating. But when I picked up my purse to go in, it was too light. I checked inside and no wallet. I had taken it out at home to get my insurance phone number so figured I’d left it there. With no wallet, I had no credit card, no checks, no way to pay for my car repairs. So I went inside and explained that I couldn’t pay. When he grimaced, I decided to try to get cash at the credit union without my ID so I drove to the credit union but found my wallet on the floor behind the passenger seat before I had to beg at the CU. Relief! But after a pot luck at lunch (for a payroll clerk’s retirement) and teaching another afternoon, I got a call from the mechanic that I needed brakes, spark plugs and a bunch of other stuff to the tune of $670. Then it wasn’t ready at until 5:20 so I missed swimming. Oh well. At least my car is all set for winter and it was nice to have a free night at home.

Thursday was deans reports, another pot luck for lunch (this time it was the Vice Chancellor’s assistant) and then I had my third potluck in 2 days for a master gardener meeting in Fremont that night. I drove up there with Lorri and it was fun. The newsletter committee met afterwards so I didn’t get home until 9:30. Nora, Cheryl and I had talked about scrapbooking after work Friday but since I had no time to prep, I called to cancel and then when went straight to bed. What a long day!

Friday was day two of deans’ reports and lunch with Layton so flew by. When I left, I went to Menard’s and bought my Christmas trees – one for the deck and one for inside – then did a little Christmas shopping. Since it was supposed to start snowing overnight, I decorated the deck tree as soon as I got home and did some other outdoor decorating then ate my last plate of Thanksgiving leftovers with a glass of wine and watched some TV. I forgot about baking cookies for the library so didn’t put them in until almost 11:00, which made for a late night.

It was already snowing when I got up Saturday and I was tired after not enough sleep so was slow getting going. I made it to the library with my brownies just as Santa was arriving for story hour. It was cute to see the kids so excited. I ran a couple of errands, grabbed lunch at home and then headed to Christmas on the Prairie at the museum at 2:00. By then it was snowing hard and there was already about 3” on the ground so very few people came through. To top it all off, our table was right next to an old man playing something called a Q Chord that is such a lame instrument that a monkey could have played it. He had 2 cartridges – one of old 70’s songs and one of Christmas songs. After 3-1/2 hours, I was ready to scream! I did some shopping and then had to start shoveling in order to get up my driveway. I only did two strips for the tires and called it good for the night. I tried to watch The Informant but couldn’t keep my eyes open so turned it off and was in bed before 9:00.

I slept for more than 10 hours! Sunday was chores and calendar pages. I had grand hopes to get it all done. I made good progress on chores in the morning (got the kitchen done) and was scrapbooking by 1:00. It was slow going though so when Andrea dropped by at 3:00, I had only finished one of my four months and was working on my second. We had tea and cookies then I finished shoveling when she left. After a call from Deanne, I started in on the pages again and didn’t finish until almost 9:00. No more chores got done so I’ll be trying to fit them in after work this week. But at least I got the pages done – one less thing on my Christmas to do list. I’ll gladly wear B list undies this week, happy that I got one thing crossed off. When time gets short, it’s all about priorities. : )

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