Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 50 - Slammin' Christmas Prep

It was another busy week but this one had a focus – Christmas! (on the personal side anyway) Work was all about the F&A proposal. The consultant was here on Wednesday and Thursday so we were all slammin’ to get stuff done.

Monday was knitting and then I finished my entire to do list, something I can’t say very often. I swam Tuesday and then went home to knit. I was in the home stretch on a complicated pair of mittens that are a Christmas gift. I needed to finish them and another half done gift then make two from scratch so was feeling some Christmas knitting pressure. No matter how much I get done ahead of time, this is always my December. Sheesh!

Wednesday was not a good day. I woke up with my knee in pain, like hurting as much as it ever had. But the day flew and then went home to knit. I had gotten up early that morning to knit and so was determined to finish the mittens that night so went straight home and started. It took the entire night but there were finished when I went to bed. Yay!

F&A kicked my ass on Thursday! I started a new project that involved cleaning up a bunch of data then emailing departments to get corrections back. It started out fun but I was cranky as all get out by the end of the day. I didn’t help when Starbuck’s screwed up my order on a much anticipated peppermint mocha. I bolted out the door at 5:00 to swim, just being careful about my knee, which was already feeling better. I got a call at home from my boss when I get home, looking for an update on the project I was working on. She was in a panic, which is never good. Oh well, the work week was almost over.

I was in a much better mood on Friday and my knee was much better. Since I was only working until noon, there was nothing that could shake my good mood. I just managed to finish the project before Darla and I left for a fun afternoon. We went out for lunch then shopped all afternoon, finishing with a movie – Hugo in 3D. It was all wonderful! I pretty much finished my shopping (OK, there’ll be a bit more done this week but mostly done), loved the movie (finally a movie that was worth the extra money for 3D!) and I had the best yarn score ever to top it off. I found Patons wool, which is dyeable and normally sells for $5.99, in the clearance bin at Michael's for 59 cents each! I bought some before the movie then went back afterwards to clear out the bin. I also stopped at Trader Joe’s the headed home. What a wonderful day!

I had a hair appointment at 8:00 on Saturday and was thrilled that I managed to finish the 2nd half done gift before I left. When I got home, I slogged through photos to decide which ones to include in the 2012 calendar. I had them chosen, scanned and uploaded before lunch, which was yummy homemade pizza. Then I sat down to start gift #3, which I worked on all afternoon before making a yummy dinner of asparagus goat cheese pasta. Cooking twice in one day! That’s a rarity these days.

On Sunday I finished gift #3 – yay! – and made a dent in chores. By mid-afternoon I was losing steam but I started gift #4 and worked on that while I watched TV that night after eating homemade chili and corn bread. Yes, I cooked again! Unfortunately I’m not liking how my last Christmas knitting project is looking so may have to rethink the yarn I’m using. But I’m feeling good about my Christmas prep so won’t be stressing about that with less than two weeks to go. I hope everyone is happy with holiday progress and can enjoy the season.

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