Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5 - A Wonderful Week

What a wonderful week! Darla and I went to HyVee for lunch on Monday (I had a coupon for meatloaf dinners for $2.99 each so why not?) and then I knitted at the library, where Donna shared some of her yarn stash. I took 2 balls - 1 for a baby hat and another for a hat for me. Donna mentioned that she would be in Lincoln on Tuesday for a knitting class so we met for lunch at Stauffer’s CafĂ© & Pie Shop. Yes, we got pie but I worked it off later in the pool. I went home to listen to the state of the union (Obama does a great speech) and set up my modem. They’d done the line work on Monday but could only do 6Mpbs instead of 12 but it was all good. I was wireless and 4 times faster. Yay!

Wednesday was a full day but I started it at Starbuck’s and then got to work to find Mary had brought donuts. Can a day start any better? I blazed through a project for Mary that morning, chowed down my seafood chowder and ran downstairs to teach all afternoon. That always makes the afternoon fly. Then it was on to the pool and then Village Inn for knitting and more pie. It was wonderful to see the VI gang. We did lots of show and tell,caught up and I cast on the baby hat with Donna's yarn. I also handed off the last of the cones of acrylic from the auction. Anne’s mom had requested more so I happily got rid of the rest. Anne and I discussed what a great day it had been in the parking lot before heading home. I didn’t get home until 9:00 but I went to bed happy.

I must have been happy because I didn’t set my alarm nor set up the coffee. I woke up 35 minutes late and then scrambled to get ready, leaving at 7:32, which isn’t that far off normal. By the time I got to the loop though, all of the spaces were taken. But did that stop me? Not a chance. I found a tiny spot between 2 spaces and did a fabulous job of parallel parking. Get a load of how tight! It took 3 adjustment after initial entry but still. Clearly I was proud because I took the pic. Tee hee. I had lunch with Dodie and then taught all afternoon again. After work was the pool again and then I went to The Cat House to pick up a load of food for the State Fair Park feeder. I called him after I picked it up and found out he lives close to campus so I met him and dropped it off rather than driving it back to Wahoo and then back again in the morning. I got home at 7:30 and settled in for dinner, celebrating with a bottle of cider. Nice. And tomorrow was already Friday.

Friday was busy, busy, busy, so also flew by. I went food shopping on the way home and was ready for my three day weekend. I had no plans at all and had taken Monday off as an early birthday present. Not only would I have an extra day off to finish the decrapification but it was supposed to snow on Monday so I’d be cozy at home.

I had a vague thought of going to Omaha to hit Penzey’s and Trader Joe’s, either Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning. But I made my lists and started attacking the last of the hot spots – the last corner of the family room, the bar, the hutch and my bureaus. I took it slow, interspersing knitting and TV with bouts of productivity. By Sunday night, I hadn’t left the house since Friday night but was in the home stretch on the decrapification and had finished my doily for the color swap. I ended Sunday watching Benjamin Button, confident I could finish everything up on Monday. If all my weeks could be as happy and productive as this one had been, whew! Just imagine the possibilities.

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