Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Just One Word

Well, my word for 2010 was Health. Unfortunately it did not go as well as Enough did for 2009. Enough was powerful enough to not only work for 2009 but significantly bleed over into 2010. I even dare to say that I’ve embraced Enough for life. I’ve continued to strive to find the perfect level for things in my life and have purged even more and acquired less than in previous years. My vow earlier this year to eat my produce within a week or donate the money I’d spent to (gasp!) The Republican National Committee back fired because I stopped buying produce, which was counterproductive to health, my gold old word for the year. On that note, I had grand plans to ramp up my exercising, eat better, etc. I kept up the water aerobics but didn’t ever get back to the super circuit. I did eat better and was inspired by my cousin to really do better after our trip to LA in October but that all went by the wayside when the holidays hit. So 2010 is over and health was a bust. I haven’t given up on it but didn’t make it a priority like I’d planned. Like Sally Field says, “You only have one life and one body.” Here’s hoping my 50th year will bring more awareness of that. Which leads me to my word for 2011:


Time seems to be going faster and faster. There are times it feels like I blink and a day is gone. I sneeze and the whole week is gone. Cornelia concurs and calls it “cartoon time.” While this time is speeding by, I’m wasting it. I have a busy life and most days am away from home for twelve hours – commute plus work plus swimming. Add errands and it’s even longer. What happens most nights is I come home from the pool, eat dinner and sit like a zombie until bedtime, wasting the evening and having nothing to show for it. I’m not paying attention and am therefore not getting the most out of my time.

This lack of attention manifests itself in other ways too. Like eating stuff just because it’s there and not really enjoying or savoring it. Like saying yes as a reflex and being faced with commitments on my time for things I’d rather not do. Like letting my work day fill up with small things and never getting to my big projects. Or not doing something that needs doing because the time slips away. The examples are endless.

So this year, my goal is to pay attention more – be mindful. Of time, of people, of things… There’s no down side to this and I hope it helps me get more out of life. Time will tell. : )


  1. I love your word!!! I have struggled with mine but while talking about it to my daughter, she said I had said the word joyful three times. So I guess thats my word.