Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 2 - 2011 Settling In

What a week! Starting out the new year like I start every month at work actually felt good. It took the better part of three days to get through my monthly reports and so the year started productively, which you’ve got to love. Then I cleared off my desk, made a new to do list and got busy. The days flew by. Nothing wrong with that.

The non-work front was interesting too. On Monday night, Helen came to knitting for the first time. I don’t know if it was the fact that Donna was there for the first time in awhile, the addition of Helen or just post holiday craziness but we were particularly rowdy. We laughed a lot and at one point I looked over and Anne Marie had her leg up on the table and was comparing leg hair with Donna. Not a typical Monday night knitting but…. We’ll have to see if Helen comes next week.

I wasted Tuesday night and spent the next day beating myself up for not being mindful. I made up for it on Wednesday night by having a lovely, planned night of relaxation – wine with dinner, knitting and watching TV. Good thing I had such a restorative night because I’d need to be well rested for Thursday night.

I had my first treasurer’s report to do for the Friends meeting on Saturday, which was a 2 month report, plus I had to do the end of year recap. I had organized all my papers and got some additional ones from the bank so I could slam out the reports after work. Unfortunately, it took me 3 hours and I didn’t finish until close to 11:00. At that point I wanted to go the bed but Pie, who has been less than happy with Possum (the mama kitty) being in the house, wouldn’t come in. In an effort to get her in, I threw Possum in the bathroom and shut the door. Little did I know the door was locked from the inside and the outside door knob was just spinning. I got out a coat hanger to stick in the hole, which had worked the last time the door was locked, but no go. The knob was still spinning and I’d tried everything. So at 11:15, I called Lorri, knowing she and Bob would still be up. They said they’d be right over, which was a big relief. I kept at the door though and wouldn’t you know it, I was able to get it open (I’m still not sure what made it pop open) but when I tried to call, they’d already left. So when they arrived, in their PJ’s with tools in hand, I apologized profusely, thanked them and sent them on their way. It took me awhile to fall asleep afterwards but I finally did, feeling lucky that I have such great friends.

I was pretty tired all day Friday and so took it easy Friday night rather than prepping packages to mail Saturday morning like I’d planned. Saturday morning was the Friends meeting and then I was taking Lorri to lunch as a thank you for taking care of the cats over Christmas. We had a nice time catching up and then I was in for the weekend, waiting for the snow with the rest of Nebraska. I did my chores, took the tree down (that felt great!), finished my calendars, talked on the phone and knitted.

Before the snow got too bad, Nancy came over to pick up Possum. She'd wanted another cat to keep her young cat active and I persuaded her to take Possum. I was desperate to have her gone so the kitty equilibrium in my house could be restored. When Nancy left with her, my cats seemed to instantly know she was gone. They'd avoided the back of the house from the day I let Possum and her kittens inside because Possum was very protective of her kittens and so chased my cats away if they even looked in the direction of the family room. Since I was keeping a kitten, the over protective mode wasn't dissipating and my cats were miserable. I could not wait to get life back to normal and it seemed to get there within minutes of Possum's departure. She'll have a great life at Nancy's and I won't miss the havoc, which over shadowed any pleasure Possum might have brought, at all. Whew!

The snow was falling in earnest by noon on Sunday and the forecast had it continuing for days. Since Monday was the first day of classes and lots of students would be on the road on Sunday, I was hoping for a snow day. I got the call at 3:00 that there’d be no work Monday. How fabulous is that? Knowing I had all day Monday to bake my thank you pies (one for Ed’s plumbing last weekend and one for Bob’s late night kitty rescue mission), I settled in for an afternoon of knitting. And as if that wasn’t enough reason for happiness (no matter how old I get, I’m still ridiculously excited by a snow day), I finally was able to get out the food that was lodged under my crown and my tooth felt instantly better – as good as it’s been since the initial flare up in November. I went to bed feeling like a million bucks and looking forward to a relaxing day of watching snow fall. Does life get any better?

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