Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 40 - WAY too Busy!

Holy crap! I tend to be pretty busy and count a night where I’m home at 7:00 after the pool an early one but sheesh. This week was so maniacally busy that I hit the wall and decided something’s got to give. This seems to happen every few months but I’m really going to have to work on doing less. Sound good?

Monday was knitting at the library so I didn’t go to the pool and even had time to eat before knitting. What a nice start. On Tuesday I was scheduled to go the movies at the Ross with Nancy – Winter’s Bone. It wasn’t anything I was dying to see but we hadn’t gone to the movies in awhile and Tuesday worked for both of us so off we went. From there I had to go home and bake a cake for Food Day on Wednesday. Wednesday was water aerobics then knitting at Panera. I had planned to leave early but didn’t and got home at 9:00. I was toasty fried by this point.

Then Thursday morning hit and nothing went right. I had to go back into the house twice for things I forgot and so was late for work, which meant I didn’t get a spot in the loop and so had to drive across campus to the other lot, getting stuck behind a biker riding in the road the entire time. By the time I got to my desk, I was in a foul mood. My office mates pitched in to cheer me up. A singing chicken card from Darla, a latte from Nora and lunch with Dodie turned my mood around. Damn good thing!

By then I had flipped the calendar to October, only to find I was scheduled to scrapbook on Friday, which meant I had to upload pics, find all my supplies and get the car loaded when I got home. So I decided to skip water aerobics in favor or heading home. But I had a couple of stops, including watering at Lorri’s, and got home at 6:40. I changed right into my comfy clothes and was ready to nuke some dinner when Helen drove up. Now I love my cousin and rarely see her, but she had to show up Thursday? We chatted for over an hour and she finally left at 8:00, by which time it was pitch black out and I was starving. I ate dinner at 8:15 and decided to load the car in the morning. I went to bed early, knowing Friday would be a long day.

Friday was deans’ reports day so it flew by. I had parked at a meter all day so left immediately at 5:00 and headed to Gretna for scrapbooking. I was starting a new album of my England trip and was planning to be home by midnight. Well, that didn’t work out. I got into it and didn’t leave until midnight, which meant I didn’t get to bed until 1:00. Too late!

I had a Friends’ meeting at the library at 9:30, which I got to ten minutes late and was elected Treasurer before I left. At least I didn’t get pressured to be President, although that probably would be less work. Oh well. I was home before noon but spent the rest of the day in a zombie funk watching TV and not having enough energy to even knit. I was counting the hours until 9:00, which is the earliest I can go to bed and still sleep though the night.

I woke up Sunday feeling like a new woman. I slammed through my chores and baked some cookies before Nancy stopped by. We had tea on the deck and enjoyed the fall weather before she left with all my recycling in tow. Cross that off my list. Yay! I headed to the market and then watered at Lorri’s before stopping at Andrea’s for kolaches hot from the oven. Then it was home to make baked penne with pepperoni to enjoy in front of the TV. It was a nice end to a super busy week. And the best part of this week, besides having the mania over, is that I’m committed to doing less. I will not be having such a busy week for a long time. Promise. : )

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