Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 39 - Our Good Deed

My first week back from vacation went by in a flash. It took me a couple of days to catch up at work and I taught on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons so that added to the feeling of it flying by. My cold was in full force by Monday morning but I think the zicam worked because it was over and done by Friday. Yay! I tried to be good about not taking Claritin D (the D is a no no for high blood pressure) so I toughed it out with just Claritin. Between that and not getting enough sleep, I was pretty punchy a lot of the time but lived to tell.

Monday night was knitting at the library, as usual, but then I went home and spent too much time designing yet another pair of color work mittens. I also prepped packages so I could mail them on Tuesday – one for Carolyn, another for Connie and a 3rd with the hats the Monday Night Knitters had made for charity. That night I updated all my yarn on Ravelry, crossing off two more to dos from my vacation list. By Wednesday I felt good enough to go to the pool and then knitted with the gang at Panera. By Thursday night, my energy was flagging and it was book club at the library, which Denise had asked me to lead. There were 5 people, which is a banner amount for this group, and we had a lively discussion. By the end of the day Friday, which was Homecoming and so campus was crawling with people and the parade was due to start at 5:30, I dropped all plans to grocery shop and headed straight home. I had made it through the week and just wanted to go home and knit.

The weather Saturday was pretty crappy. I had rained all night, stopping at 8:00 a.m. A group of us from work were scheduled to help a campus friend in her garden because her husband has terminal cancer and she hasn’t been able to garden. We had known the weather would be iffy so just planned for mud and headed over. There were 5 of us and we worked all morning. It’s amazing how much we got done but boy was it messy! And after 3 hours of bending over weeding, the back of my legs were singing. But I was home, showered and ready to knit by 1:00. And knit is what I did. Other than talking on the phone, I sat on my butt for the rest of the day and went to bed early. I had been a cold, dreary day but still a nice one at the end.

After such a leisurely Saturday, I had to kick butt on Sunday. Besides all my usual chores, I also wanted to get the last of my vacation leftovers taken care of. Also, Andrea and I were supposed to get together in the afternoon to organize her yarn. It started out as another cloudy, chilly day but the sun finally did come out so I could hang out my laundry and clean up the deck, which was covered with debris from the hail storm and still had all my painting stuff set up. Andrea called to say she was held up in Omaha so we postponed I just kept plugging away. There was still a chill in the air so I heated the oven and cooked off and on between chores. Homemade baked beans, corn muffins, banana bread and regular bread. It smelled great and kept the house toasty. I ended the day with the house picked up, chores done and many yummy carbs for the week. You know it’s coming – Life is good!

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