Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 37 - The Wind Up

It was a short work week that flew by, which was nice because it could have been endless what with my imminent vacation. I went to water aerobics three nights in a row, figuring I should get as much in as possible since next week would have none. We had our last Wednesday night knitting at Village Inn too. We’ll be moving it back to Panera and potentially changing back to Tuesdays, which will mean two knitting nights in a row for me. But there are worst things.

The end of the week brought a flurry of Husker Cats stuff. We were having an exec board meeting after work on Friday and the president wanted to talk about the State Fair Park cats. I had talked to the old man who feeds there once but he didn’t give me a number to reach him and never called me back. So on Thursday night, I headed to the park to see if I could find him. Well, I had just turned into the drive and spotted an old couple in a pick up and flagged them down. Yes! They did feed and knew the man I’d spoken too (this 70-ish man described him as “really old” – too funny!) We exchanged numbers and made plans to meet the next night so I could get him some food. That meant I had to get some so I stopped at Phyllis’ on the way home, hoping she’d be there to give me some. I lucked out because she was home with a stiff neck (not lucky for her) so I took 3 bags and headed home for a very late dinner.

On Friday, Nancy met Layton and I for lunch, which was fun and I slammed through my final to do list. The exec board meeting was quick and from there Belinda and I picked up a load of Science Diet and unloaded it at the church. From there I headed to State Fair Park to drop off that food. I left there and headed home for the start of my 9 day break.

I was determined to have a relatively normal weekend. I wanted all my chores to be done so I could start my 5 vacation days ready to hit my project list. I had a Friends of the Library meeting on Saturday morning and then ran errands in town. I then spent the next day and a half getting stuff done – dishes, laundry, mowing, etc. I went to bed Sunday with a relatively clean slate excited for my week of no alarms, few commitments and lots of free time. I have a project list a mile long but am confident I can make a dent. Even if I don’t get as much done as I hope, what can be bad about 9 days in a row of freedom? Nothing!

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