Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 17 - Got My Weekend!

Well, I final got my weekend at home and it was wonderful! I’d had a pretty normal week for me – busy, busy, busy. I knitted at the library Monday night (I’ve started socks on a size 1 needle – eek, that’s small!), water aerobics Tuesday, started my gardening at home finally Wednesday evening, water aerobics again Thursday and then I decided to skip Book Club at the Library because it was the most inane book ever and I couldn’t imagine having an intelligent conversation about it. Add to this a couple of pretty stressful days at work Thursday and Friday and I was almost ready for my weekend.

All this led up to Spring Affair on Friday, which is a fund raiser/plant sale that I volunteer for every year and it’s one of my very favorite things to do in life. I was a plant informant and was working the Friday night pre-sale dinner for the first time ever. It meant a 4.5 hour shift, completely on my feet after a long week at work. I was a bit concerned with how my knee would hold up (it was fine) but was ready for it. All went well and I met some interesting people that I got to interact with, as opposed to the usual mob scene situation of a Saturday shift. I even met a Swedish woman, who was carrying an Ikea bag (that was what got us talking). After I helped her a few times during the sale, she came up and gave me an extra bag that she had with her. That was just the frosting on the cake of a wonderful night.

I got home ~9:30 and, tired but satisfied, ready for a shower and a long night of sleep, knowing I had no commitments for the entire weekend. Now you know that just didn’t work out, right? Since the weather warmed up, Pie (my feral adoption from UNL) stays out all day while I’m at work and is typically waiting for me on the front step when I get home ~7:00. Well I didn’t get home until 9:30, it was getting ready to storm and she was nowhere to be found. I called and called but she wasn’t coming in. I took my shower and went to bed to read, getting up several times to call her to no avail. I was more worried each time and I had all kinds of bad pictures running through my head. I finally fell asleep at 1:00, only to wake up at 4:00 and start calling her again. It appears I was an idiot to worry because as soon as the sun was up, she walked in the house like nothing was wrong. Rotten cat!

I had not planned to start my first weekend at home alone in 6 weeks sleep deprived. Oh well. I went back to bed and slept for a couple of hours before the phone started ringing and woke me up. I fell back asleep after the first call but the 2nd one got me up. I’d totaled about 6 hours, so with the help of fully caffeinated coffee (I usually drink quarter caff0), I was able to gather the energy to have a pretty productive day. I got most of my chores done and made a nice dinner Saturday, leaving me Sunday to enjoy. I watched a couple of movies, made a big dent in my sock (I’m having trouble with the wrap and turn and had to rip it out three times so will ask for assistance from my knitting buds Monday night) and cooked up a storm. So, it ended up a nice weekend after all – everything I’d hoped for actually – so I’m ready for another busy week. Life is good!

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  1. When I read your post I thought two things...
    One, you do way too much for my energy level. Girl, where do you get all that get up and go?
    Two, cats think they own us. It is so funny when we are all upset and they are so nonchalant about it. They are definitely rotten.