Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 16 - Playing with Fire

Well, it was a relatively normal week. Other than eating lots of leftover ham, the only thing that was different was some extra cat stuff - go figure! I helped Belinda with TNR on Monday night and was able to capture the ever elusive Tweaker. She was one of the black team – 2 black cats that were wiley and had evaded capture since the fall. One down, one to go. I’ll be trying for PB this week. I also met with Landscape Services and got new feeding station locations approved. Wednesday night Belinda’s husband and I moved one station and put out two new ones. I think we’ve got enough feeders now. I also picked up 300 pounds of donated food and then offloaded it at Cornerstone Church. I got my exercise that day!

The week ended with our semi-annual scrapbooking weekend at Camp Fontanelle. It was fun and productive. I finished the 3 books of last summer’s sisters’ trip for Dottie’s 50th and I got my last stamp sets cut out. Unfortunately I didn’t have my pictures with me for my new project so I did as much planning as I could and then left a bit early, just so I could have a few hours at home.

This was the 5th weekend in a row that I wasn’t at home without plans. At least it was a dreary weekend so I didn’t feel guilty scrapbooking instead of gardening. It also meant we had a fire going in the lodge, which I kept stoked all weekend. It made me realize I should move forward with getting a wood stove in my family room. It’s the one thing my house lacks and I’d love having one. Maybe I can get a good deal on when since they’re out of season. Time to check it out and call my guys.

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