Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 11 - Off My Butt or The Procrastination Ends

Prior to this week, I had a lot of things hanging over me - so much so that I wasn’t sleeping well. But that all came to an end this week when I finally got off my butt and made some decisions.

The one that was most on my mind was making final preparations for the Vegas trip. The original plan had been that I would drive to Vegas with Lorri and Bob but then head west afterwards to the Salton Sea and then get home on my own. When getting a condo in the Salton Sea area fell through (who knew it was spring break week?), the whole plan became an issue. When Lorri asked if I could get out a bit early Friday, which turned out to be noon so would require more vacation time, I finally made some calls. Now it has all worked out perfectly. I’m flying to my cousin’s after work on Friday (no vacation time needed), will spend the weekend with her and drive to Vegas on Sunday afternoon for the conference, drive back Wednesday to spend more time with her and then fly home on Sunday. Hopefully that 2nd Saturday will include a day trip to my fave place – the Salton Sea.

Other things I accomplished this week:
1. I finally cleaned out the fridge, which was a nasty mess and now looks brand new. Not only is every surface clean and shiny, I also overcame my frugal side and got rid of all those jars with just an inch or jam, sauce, etc. in the bottom. Yay!
2. I found someone to feed the cats while I’m gone since my neighbor wasn’t available. Thanks Sarah!
3. And last but definitely not least, I found a new home for the calico I was fostering for Husker Cats. She was super sweet and had the softest fur ever but since she was the 5th new cat I’d had in the house since October, my cats were miserably cranky and there was no way she could still be here when I left for Vegas. So, after doing three internet postings, I got a response in less than an hour and she was picked up Sunday night. She has a wonderful new owner and the kitty equilibrium has been restored chez moi.

Life is good!

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  1. You sound incredibly busy but very organized. I have been really busy too which is unusual this time of year. Must be in the air.
    Have a grand time on you trip.