Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 2 - My New TV

The last time I bought a decent sized TV was in 1983 while living with Carolyn on Wisdom Avenue. That TV bit the dust a couple of years ago and I have been using a hand me down from my friend Layton ever since. It was a couple of years newer than my old one and its one improvement was that it had a remote. I was very happy with my jury rigged set up complete with RF converter, DVD, VCR and rabbit ears, all daisy chained and connected to the TV purely through the little hooky things that went under the antenna screws. The reception was lacking but I'd put up with it for so long that I barely noticed. I even got a converter box last summer thinking I'd just attach one more thing and keep using it. But when I got the box, the directions boggled the mind. Even after searching the web, I could not figure out where the converter box should go in the chain of things I had attached to the TV. Up until this week I'd just been ignoring the constant barrage of TV announcements and count downs on the digital conversion, knowing I'd have to do something but putting off deciding what. Until Tuesday night that is.

I was watching an episode of SVU and it had an obnoxious orange crawl at the top of the screen telling me that because I could see it, my TV wasn't ready for digital. I kept expecting it to go away but it never did. After 30 minutes of it distracting me, I turned the TV off, knowing it was time to buy a new TV. I knew I wanted a SONY and a big one so I did some web browsing and decided on the 32" flat screen LCD Bravia. It was cheapest at Wal-Mart so I headed there after work and bought the sucker. One new antenna later and it’s all set up and getting beautiful, digital reception. I’ve made a great leap forward in TV technology, just in time to watch Obama’s inauguration. : )

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  1. Fabulous! I bet you are loving this. You can even get HD channels if they broadcast in HD.