Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 17 - Progress and Cold

As with all weeks of late, I started with 7:00 a.m. PT. Talk about a rude awakening to the week! Having to be at PT so early and ready to leave for work from there keeps me on my toes for the start of the week. And it was a busy one that left me exhausted. All good though.

I had something after work every night of the week. Monday was knitting, which is always fun but Erica came over to wind yarn afterwards and we talked until 10:00. It was one of those travelling conversations – talked while she wound in my back room, talked by the back door, talked in the driveway, talked as her car ran with the window open. You know - one of those lingering, fun conversations. I scheduled PT after work on Tuesday because I had a Husker Cats meeting at 5:15 Wednesday and they always run long. This one ran so long that when I went to Aldi afterwards, I was walking out the door when they closed at 8:00. I ran home to unload groceries and make cranberry walnut cole slaw because I had a potluck at Anne’s Thursday evening for one of our water aerobics instructors who is graduating and getting married so it was a bridal shower of sorts. When I left work Friday at 4:00 for PT, I was exhausted and ready for the weekend.

I had started my spring plant buying on Thursday over lunch at the Hort Club sale on East Campus. I didn’t get anything spectacular but still managed to spend $30. I continued with a fundraiser plant sale in Weston (a small town 6 miles west of Wahoo) on the weekend, where they had much more interesting plants but pricey. At least it benefited a school but I had spent $65 total and still needed to buy standards like petunias and such. The weather had turned miserably cold so I planned to wait to buy more. We had hard frost warnings starting Tuesday night, which prevented me from putting out all the lantana and geraniums I’d overwintered before the cleaning lady came on Wednesday. Oh well.

On the shoulder front, I was getting better every day. I even woke up on Wednesday morning on my stomach having rolled while asleep and it didn’t wake me up. I was absolutely sore when the alarm went off but it was worth it. I also found myself using my left arm unconsciously for reaching things and sometimes it didn’t even hurt. Mostly though I’d do something I shouldn’t and I’d stop when it hurt. That’s going to be my life for the foreseeable future but it’s still progress.

The cold, rainy weather lasted through the weekend so I happily stayed inside. My only foray into the damp was Ed’s 70th birthday party at the Vets’ Club on Saturday night. Andrea and I had seen a draft invite but never got an official one so were unsure if we should go but decided to and it was fun. There was tons of yummy food and I got to meet some new people. Otherwise, my weekend consisted of chores and knitting, with an eye towards getting ready for my Canada trip next week. After the busy week I had had, the veg time was necessary and appreciated. I ended the weekend recharged and looking forward to my trip. Nice.

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