Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 22 - My New Chair

It was a good week for many reasons but the best part was that I finally broke 40 pounds. I feel great and am so psyched to keep going. The fact that I managed to lose weight in a week when I ate out 3 times is just icing on the cake. Getting dressed when nearly nothing fits can be a chore but it’s all worth it.

Otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful week. The weather was what it’s been all month – rain and more rain – plus there were also a couple of truly cold days when the high was barely above 50 degrees. So it was all about getting to the long weekend. My cleaning lady was coming a few days early because her daughter was visiting so I started the weekend with a clean house plus stopped at the market on the way home so I would have everything I’d need to stay home all weekend. Nice.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t being particularly cooperative for my gardening to do list. I had to try and fit things in between rain storms. I managed to get the berry bed prepped, which involved digging the bed, sifting and adding 4 wheel barrows of compost and adding sifted potting soil from last year’s containers on top. I was on that last step when it started raining so I headed inside and started slogging through the spare room. I was needing to try on my spring clothes to see what fit but they were all over the bed with a bunch of yarn so I had to sort that too. That was much more fun than sorting clothes.

I started with the clothes in the spare room and when very few of them fit (I tried on absolutely everything, which worked up a sweat), I headed downstairs to dig through the ironing baskets and 2 small dressers of ancient clothes. All of this took until Sunday night. I had found quite a few tops that fit but it was looking dire in the capri department. I had enormous piles of clothes in my bedroom when I went to bed and tons of laundry to do. At least I’d still have the holiday. It was supposed to rain again in the morning but clear later so I was hopeful I could get outside at some point. I had hope for Memorial Day. Stay tuned.

When I woke up on Monday morning, the rain they’d predicted was forecast to hold off until evening but the ground was still so saturated that I focused on inside stuff again. I started the many loads of laundry from the musty stuff I’d pulled up from the basement. Between loads I prepped tons of produce for the week and make a strawberry/rhubarb pie for Ed to thank him for working on my ceiling fan. With the laundry hung on the line, I decided to take a ride to get rid of stuff, dropping recycling at Region 5, the pie at Ed’s and the produce scraps at Lori’s then stopping at the other Lorri’s to water her plants and pick asparagus for dinner. As soon as I got home, I pulled in the laundry, planted the berries and mowed, which was very muddy but had to be done. Only when I turned the mower off did I hear the rumble of thunder. It started raining again just as I was sweeping my grass from Cara’s driveway. Perfect timing! I jumped in the shower and made dinner, happy when I sat down to eat that I’d gotten so much done. It was a satisfying Memorial Day all in all.

Work was pleasantly busy on Tuesday morning and I taught all afternoon so the day flew and it was time to swim before I knew it. It was going to be sunny on Wednesday so I asked for the afternoon off. Wednesday morning was over in a flash and I was home and ready to garden by 2:00.  Containers were the mission. I hadn’t been outside 2 minutes when I was swarmed with mosquitos. There had been none on the weekend but clearly a zillion had hatched on Tuesday and working without bug spray was not going to work. Despite being in socially unacceptable clothing, I headed to Dollar General for bug spray and was back home in minutes. After spraying my entire body, I successfully potted up every single container, twenty or so that line the driveway, hang from the garage and are all over the deck. I love my containers and my fabulous chicken poop laden compost heap from last year, which has been added to every garden bed and container and still isn’t gone. Life is good!

Dodie and I went thrifting at lunch on Thursday and I scored 2 beautiful, hand pieced, vintage quilt tops (they need filling, backing and quilting) for $5 each. I was so happy and almost said to Dodie that the only thing that would be better was if I found sock yarn. But I didn’t. Well, when we got to St. Louise’s what did find but 16 skeins of sock yarn! Total thrift score. I brought the quilts into work for show & tell then spent the afternoon training then swam after work. One more day and it’d be the weekend. For a 3.5 day week, I still couldn’t wait for the weekend.

I was working on a perfect Friday project for Mary cleansing data for a new database and had planned to run errands over lunch since it was my last Friday without Layton, who’s in Scandinavia on vacation. I had seen a big chair at St. Louise’s that would be perfect for my back room but had completely dismissed getting it because it was too big for my Fit. Well, when Mary mentioned her truck, which I had no idea she had, I brought up the chair and it was quickly decided that we should go get it and she and Ted would pick it up after work and deliver it to Wahoo. So Mary and I went to St. Louise’s to pay and arrange everything. Talk about Plan B but I was excited to replace my ratty old chair at last. It’s almost 16 years old and has shown its age for years.

I headed home at 5:00 to clear the route to the back room. We ended up having to use the front door because neither chair would go through the side door. It didn’t take long before the chairs were swapped and we left for dinner at Chips with the old chair in the middle of the front lawn. I had a small nacho basket because there was nothing remotely healthy on the menu except salad, which I’d had for lunch. After a nice dinner, Ted drove us around Lake Wanahoo, which he’d worked on the wetland plans for so we got an expert tour. What a nice way to start the weekend. And isn’t my new chair great? It goes perfectly with my couch and walls and has a much smaller footprint (no huge rolled arms) but is just as comfy. Excellent. Clearly the cats are fine with it too.

A front had come in Friday night and it was cold! The sun wasn’t out Saturday morning and it was windy and chilly. Too cold to work outside so I finished slogging through the clothes, bagging up tons for Goodwill and pulling a bunch for Helen to try on. Then I finished organizing the yarn, which I bagged up in zippies so it would stop getting tangled. By the time the yarn was all put away, the sun had come out so I headed outside to weed and mulch the marigold bed I’d put in along the garden fence and the new berry bed. I only had 2.5 bags of mulch (I had planned to stop on the way home Friday for more) so ran out mid berry bed but at least I got something done outside. I then sat down to a modified Saturday snack supper. I hadn’t eaten much all day so figured I had saved enough calories for Guinness, which I ate with sticky toffee pudding cheese and shrimp. I really wanted some ice cream but I only had one more day of this rotation so had a pear instead, which was delicious. I’ll have ice cream on Monday.

I had the radio on while I was sorting clothes and must have switched it to alarm instead of off when I was done because my alarm went off Sunday at 5:50 a.m. I considered getting up but it was just too darn early so I rolled over and didn’t wake up until 3 hours later. I hadn’t slept that late in decades and it felt great. When I finally got up, I was determined to be productive so made a to do list and got busy. I had more gardening to do but every time I went out, which was mostly to hang laundry, the mosquitos drove me back inside. I kept telling myself I’d go out later, deciding to cook until then.

The last time I took a week off rotating, I didn’t cook on Sunday and then didn’t have time early in the week so went days eating whatever and none of it particularly yummy. So this Sunday I decided to cook all kinds of tasty food even though I couldn’t eat it until Monday. I started with a loaf of whole wheat bread and while that was rising, I made 3 bean salad, potato salad, a strawberry/rhubarb pie to take to knitting and banana bread for work. I thawed ribs to put in the crockpot Monday morning and am looking forward to a bowl of mini wheats in the morning. Between the laundry and all the cooking, it was evening before I was done. I’d called Ed to see if he could fix the fan since it’d be warmer next week. He said he’d come later and didn’t arrive until almost 8:00 and didn't leave until after 9:00. The day was gone and I hadn’t gotten outside but my fan was working again just in time for the coming hotter weather.  

So all in all, it was a good week and I’m prepped for another good week to come. My grass will be horribly long before I can mow and no one took the chair from my driveway, despite posting it for free on Craig’s List. Maybe the trash truck will take it. Anyway, I got enough done to feel productive and crossed a few things off my list, including buying my ticket for my New York City/Rhode Island trip. And I loaded a few old clothes into the car. Quite a load, am I right? It'a all about output. All good. Happy summer.

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