Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 18 - Some Life Huccups

Why are things so hard? Things that should be easy, you know? There was definitely some of that this week and I’m getting a cold. Oh well.

The highlight of the week was Wednesday afternoon when I finally took advantage of the vacation arrangement I’d made with Nora. The weather was going to be gorgeous so I left work at noon. Fabulous! After a quick stop at Menard’s for LED lightbulbs, I headed home to garden. Before heading outside, I changed the light bulbs in the kitchen and over my desk, both of which are now bright enough to do surgery. It was a perfect day to work outside – low 70’s and sunny with no wind to speak of. I raked by the alley, which was where Tim had cut down all the trees and bushes, adding the leaves to my new compost bins. Then I moved the rest of my raised veg beds and dug in all the scalloped edging around my new berry bed. All that done, I was ready for a shower, feeling good about my afternoon off and the progress I’d made.

I had skipped swimming on Tuesday and then left early Wednesday so Thursday was going to be my only day in the pool. Then at 4:30 Mary asked me to help with a spreadsheet. Long story short, Mary, Nora and I were at work until 6:15. Damn! I was supposed to be at Mellow Mushroom at 6:30 for our end of semester water aerobics dinner but Nora was going to be stuck at work until after Elise’s soccer game so I drove her there instead, arriving nearer 7:00 at the restaurant. It was a fun night though and the pizza was yummy. There had to be 25 of us there, which was our biggest group ever.

I had to pick up donuts at the Wahoo Bakery and be at work by 8:00 on Friday so, of course, I had donut stress dreams. Ridiculous. I picked up the special ordered donuts and met my boss’ husband just before 8:00. Only when Mary got in did we open the boxes to see that they’d made 24 of the wrong donuts! Mary loves maple nutty long johns, which the bakery in her hometown made, but they’d frosted them all with chocolate instead. They were still yummy but I was feeling bad that Mary’s birthday surprise wasn’t right so I called the bakery to let them know about their screw up. Their response was so flip and dismissive and they took no responsibility for their error, only offering a discount on my next order. Why would there be another? Seriously! After stewing for awhile, I called again and the first woman I talked to said they’d called Ted and apologized. Good thing but sheesh! I then arranged to pick up 6 maple nutty long johns on Tuesday morning to make it up to Mary. If they ask me to pay, I’m gonna lose it.

The rest of the day went quickly, which was a good thing (monthly reports day you know) and I made a beeline home. I had high hopes for a productive weekend so started by neatizing the entire house Friday night so I’d wake up Saturday to a clean house. There was a sock knitting machine demo at Yarn Charm on Saturday afternoon and Andrea and I had talked about going to The Avengers afterwards so I was hoping to have a productive morning since Sunday’s weather was iffy. I went to bed later than I’d planned, hoping for a good night’s sleep since I’d had a couple of bad nights in a row.

I woke up to Pie with her mouth gaping open. Now this happened once before and the vet had to knock her out to get it shut. She had drool down her chin so it had been stuck for awhile so I called the vet and started reworking my day. I took her in and waited for the phone to ring. They sedated her and got it shut and I could pick her up at 2:00, which would totally hose my day. After talking to Andrea and calling the vet to ask about picking her up later, Andrea and I headed to Yarn Charm. The demo was fun and I got to crank on some socks. These machines, which cost $1300 for the base model, let you crank out a sock in minutes. Too rich for me but it was fun. After a quick stop at HyVee, we headed to the vet then back to my house to pick up some things for Andrea then back to her house. By the time I got home, it was time for tea and knitting. At least Pie was OK.

I never did anything outside on Saturday so was going to brave the heat and humidity on Sunday. The forecast was for high 80’s so there would be some sweating. After hanging laundry on the line, I got out the mower and mowed the veg garden and alley areas then dug up my new bed against the fence. After a quick lunch break, I went back outside and dug in the edging on the new bed (it’ll be 20 feet of flowers on against my veg garden fence) and mowed the entire yard. I was dripping with sweat but it could have been worse since the sun had gone in so it wasn’t as hot as predicted. I took a shower and sat on my butt for the rest of the day. Despite having plans to cook, I opted for cheerios for dinner and sat like a blob. I’d earned it I guess.

All in all, it was a good week despite a couple of hiccups. I'd finished a gorgeous pair of socks for myself and had I’d gotten some things off my list, making progress in the yard. The 7 day forecast for the coming week has rain every single day so there won’t be more done until this weather system leaves. Spring. What can you do?

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