Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 51 - Some Good Decisions

Despite sleeping badly, I bounced into the office Monday morning, happy with my weekend’s productivity and asked the boys, “Good morning. Did everyone have a productive weekend?” The response? “It was nice but why would it have to be productive?” Seriously? Ten days before Christmas? You can bet the wives had a productive weekend. Men.

Anyway, Monday was the typical long day with work then knitting. I then slept badly again so I was exhausted on Tuesday. After doing a private training session across campus for most of the afternoon, I was spent. I had planned to swim then go out with the water aerobics crew. Normally I’d be all about a festive night out with friends but not that night. I opted instead to go right home and knew the second I walked in the door that I’d made the right decision. I made a nice dinner of cheesy baked cauliflower and ham slice. Yum! After talking to my sister, Ginny, and watching a bit of TV, I went to bed early, taking 2 benadryl as insurance (genius idea from Carolyn.) I slept for six hours straight and was able to fall back asleep so woke with the alarm. I felt like a new woman.

I had high hopes for a good day Wednesday and wasn’t disappointed. After a morning sitting in on a training session, I had UAAD’s Graze & Mingle holiday lunch. Not only did I get to enjoy pizza with friends but I won a pair of headphones in the drawing, which a friend promptly looked up to see if I could return them, which I can at Best Buy for money to put towards the flat screen I want for the craft room. Yay! I was looking forward to swimming. It would be the last water yoga class maybe ever. It’s my favorite class and isn’t being offered next semester. The day was winding down when the phone rang. It was the president of Husker Cats explaining that she had called a meeting at 5:15 and had sent the announcement to the wrong Marilyn a week before. I gave her an update on my feeding duties (nothing new there) and told her I already had plans. I then spent the last half hour of the day going back and forth on whether to swim or go to the meeting. Swimming won out and it was the right decision. I enjoyed it immensely and the cats were none the worse for my missing the meeting.

On Thursday morning I got a response from my sister. She had emailed earlier in the week that she had put up her first Christmas tree since she got married and converted to Judaism. I had offered to go through my ornaments, which I’d intended to do to donate to the library but had run out of time so now I could send some to her, which she happily accepted. So after a productive day at work punctuated by  a nice lunch with Dodie, I swam (last time for three weeks) then headed home to go through boxes and boxes of ornaments. I packed up a large flat rate box and prepped it for shipping before going to bed for the first night without Benadryl. The next day was Friday. : )

I finished my last pair of Christmas socks in the morning (another yay!) and after mailing Dottie’s ornaments, I stopped at the fancy donut shop because I hadn’t eaten enough sugar that week (OMG – so not true!) and headed to work. The day flew by and I checked quite a few things off my pre-break list, had lunch with Layton and made a beeline home at the end of the day.

I had a big weekend to do list to prepare for my Christmas trip. I never left the house all weekend and slammed through a million things. My goal was to get as much done as possible so I could spend Sunday sewing Carolyn’s purse. Almost 3 years ago, Carolyn had asked if I’d make a purse she liked. I agreed so she bought the pattern and the hardware and sent them to me. On my next trip, I brought fabric for her to chose from, none of which she liked. I emailed a photo of others awhile later and she chose one. My intent was to make it before the next time I saw Carolyn. Well, I’ve seen her several times and have yet to make it so Sunday was the day. The fabric and hardware are somewhere in the craft room so I headed down Sunday morning to dig them up. Well, 2.5 hours later I still hadn’t found them. I was upstairs digging through a tote in the spare room when Carolyn called and granted me a reprieve. The supplies must be somewhere downstairs and I’ll dig more after Christmas. With that off the list, the afternoon was all mine.

All I had left on my to do list was to pack (just a matter of putting the laundry into a suitcase), wrap a few more presents (I had socks and a felted set drying all over the house) and do a general tidy up – all doable in the breaks of the Downton Abbey season 4 marathon on PBS. What a lovely day I had. Lots of knitting interspersed with chores and I was in the home stretch to fly out Tuesday.

Just one more day at work and I’m off to Rhode Island. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I intend to, surrounded by family and friends. Life doesn’t get better than that. Enjoy.

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