Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 50 - Loving the Season

What a busy, fun and productive week. I accomplished everything that needed doing on time, sold a bunch of yarn, had fun with family and friends and am on track for Christmas. Yay, right? The only negative was a stomach bug that had me puking in the wee hours and home from work on Wednesday. But in looking for the bright side, I’m hoping this got it out of the way so I won’t be puking on a plane like last Christmas.

It was all about deadlines this past week. I had a big list with things to do every day and night to get it done on time. I went through all my Christmas stuff and delivered the extra to the library on Monday night. I mailed yarn just about every day – 29 less skeins in my house and a newly replenished PayPal balance. After getting nothing done on Wednesday, I was back to work on Thursday, got my hair cut after work and then started wrapping stocking stuffers. I had Ginny’s box ready to go Thursday night and did Dottie’s on Friday. After pulling 3 lots of yarn from my basement acrylic stash for Dottie to crochet afghans, I packed up that huge box and was at the post office before they closed on Saturday. Done! All that was left on the short list for the weekend (except chores, of course) was to put up the inside tree.

I was scheduled to pick Andrea up at 1:00 on Saturday for a shopping trip to Seward. I had just gotten home from the post office when the phone rang. Helen was on her way into town and wanted to know if I wanted her to bring BK over. Sure. I only had an hour but we caught up over burgers and I ran out the door at 1:00 to get Andrea. After a fun time hitting all the stores in Seward, I suggested we drive to Stromsberg to the yarn shop to pick up the prize Andrea had won last month. They were open until 5:00 and we could be there by 4:30 so we headed west. But when we arrived after driving 40+ miles in the wrong direction, the store was dark. I was not happy. I called Lori to get the shop’s number and Andrea called the owner who agreed to come back. We crashed a private Christmas party at the coffee shop next door while we waited and then I bought a pity skein of yarn since she’d come back for us. That accomplished, the problem was Andrea had a date at 6:00 and this had held us up. She called her date and we made plans to meet on the highway near his farm so they could still make their dinner and basketball game. It was pitch black, foggy and drizzling and I’m trying to find an unlit, long defunct truck stop along a country highway, which I did and dropped Andrea at 5:50 and was home by 6:15. I thought that was it but…

Helen called to say she needed to drop something by my house on her way to the Laundromat. I was cooking dinner when she called and offered her some when she arrived but she didn’t have time. No problem. I made up 2 plates and threw placemats, windex, cutlery and salt into a book bag and headed out. By the time her loads were all in, I had windexed the funky Laundromat table with attached stools and set it for dinner. We had a lovely time continuing our chat from the morning. Of course I’d brought my knitting. What an odd but nice end to the day. Clearly I wasn’t getting my tree up Saturday. Sunday was another day. Lorri was coming after church for tea and cookies but I’d have time in the morning to neatize the house so went to bed.

And woke up at 3:30 a.m. After laying in bed for half an hour, I got up and picked up the entire house, did the pots and pans, read for half an hour and went back to bed at 5:30. The cats had all gone out because it was 54 degrees at 3:30 so I was able to sleep until 7:30. I had a nice morning having done everything in the wee hours then enjoyed a nice chat with Lorri over tea and the Christmas cookies she’d brought. Once she left, it was time for laundry and putting up the tree. My little inside tree had a funky shape but you'd never know it once it was up and decorated. It was a Charlie Brown transformation and I love it.

So by the end of the day I’d crossed the last thing off my week’s holiday to do list. All that was left for Christmas was wrapping Carolyn’s stocking stuffers and the few gifts for friends. Oh, and finishing my last pair of socks but I’m on the 2nd one so that’ll happened. Then I’ll prep for being gone and pack. Nothing stressful and I have a whole other weekend. I’m loving this holiday season! Love both my trees, love being so on top of things and love having time to socialize. I hope you are all having holiday fun too. Just ten more days. Ho ho ho.

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