Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 38 - Prepping for Canada

The week was all about getting ready for Canada. I was flying out on Sunday and had a big to do list.

I was slamming at work to get all of my F&A work done, determined that I would not be the hold up for other work being done while I was gone. I got my swap box mailed off early in the week, and then started in on my house list. Not only is it nicer to come back to a neat house but the cleaning lady would be coming the day after I flew back so I needed to be prepared for her. I plugged away at the list and was feeling good about things by the end of the week. I even had time for some fun after work, mostly because I had Saturday to pack and finish the final stuff.

I got an email from the local dyer that she had some new yarn dyed and I could choose a new skein to replace my problem one from earlier in the month. I stopped at her place after swimming one night and had a lovely time chatting and picking the new yarn. The next night Andrea and I were doing dinner and a movie. After swimming, I met her at YiaYia’s for pizza then it was on to The Ross for Calvary, the most depressing film ever. It was 10:00 by the time I got home and I was beat. The next day I felt like crap. It was day one of the 4th week of my cold and I was pretty sure at that point that it was something else. Duh! I left work early to see the doctor, who said I had a sinus infection. Now that’s the most over diagnosed thing on the planet (it’s a pet peeve of mine that everyone says they have a sinus infection the second their nose runs when 99% of the time it’s just a cold) but I had a fever (maybe those weren’t all hot flashes I’d been having) and the doc said I did in fact have one. I left with prescriptions for antibiotics and nose spray. He said I’d feel better in a couple of days, which worked for me cuz I’d be in Canada in 48 hours.

Saturday was a pleasant day of finishing the last to do’s and packing. I even had some time to relax in there, which was nice. One of the last things I did was to put ear mite medicine and flea stuff on all the cats. Despite having had both of these before, Pixel had a reaction and was drooling profusely. This didn’t start until bedtime on Saturday so all I could do was worry and keep an eye on her. I slept very little that night and she was fine when the alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. I was on the road to the airport by 4:30 and had a completely uneventful flight, which was refreshing. And what a welcome sight it was to have Eileen, Gail and Cindy beaming at me when I exited the gate area. This was going to be a fun trip.

After dropping Gail at her house, we drove to Eileen’s. I was searching for something that wasn’t just like the states but coming up dry. Eileen’s home was beautiful and she had even bought a bed and redone her sewing room so I wouldn’t have to sleep in the basement guest room. Over the top! We had homemade soup for dinner and then went to the most fabulous store – The Bulk Barn. Now Whole Foods and most grocery stores have bulk bins but this was an entire store with nothing but bins. I had a field day and found all kinds of fun stuff to take home, including some maple flakes (can’t get them in the states) to put on oatmeal. I even found (I think I squealed when I saw them) the ever elusive lemon baking chips. It was a fun store and we went home to watch the first episode of Outlander on Eileen’s enormous (biggest I’ve ever seen) TV. It was great to be there and it was going to be a fun week.

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