Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 37 - A Normal Week

There’s not much to say about this week because it was as normal as it gets. Nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t make for gripping blog posts. The highlight of my week was playing with kittens when I stopped at PetsMart to get cat food on Wednesday. Otherwise it was the usual – knitting, swimming, you know the drill.

Fall arrived mid-week, which I love. It was with more rain and damp, bone chilling cold but at least summer’s over. That’s always a good thing in my book. At least all this rain has helped with the watering at Lorri’s. I’ve been a few times to check things out but have only actually watered once in the entire week. Nice.

Darla and I had a play date scheduled for Saturday, beginning with blueberry pancakes chez moi then an Omaha run, but she was out sick Friday with a stomach thing so ended up cancelling. While Darla being sick wasn’t good, it did take the pressure off my weekend. I still did a bunch of neatizing Friday night under the thought that it’d be much more pleasant to get up to a picked up house but I didn’t do all the dishes. It was nice to wake up Saturday and not have the house look like a bomb had gone off. Then I ran errands in town, stopping in the real library for the first time since it closed last January. They made some nice changes and it looks great. It felt so good to stop in to pick up money to deposit. So normal. Here’s a news story about it. The Bernadette they interview is one of Anne Marie’s kids. Cute.

Errands done, it was home to putter for the rest of the weekend. I made good progress on everything, which works because the new cleaning lady comes for the second time Tuesday. On Sunday I cooked the Boston marrow squash Lori had grown for me (I bought the seeds and presented them to her with a request to grown them and share. Ballsy, right? But it worked.) and have a freezer full of squash for winter eating. I did another clean out of the frig to go with all the squash guts and Lori stopped by to pick up it all up for her “girls” on the way through town.

Just one more week until I’m Canada bound. It’ll be an easy pack and the house should still be neat so it’s all good. Now if the post-nasal drip leftover from my cold that leads to coughing would just be gone. I may have to head to the doctor if it’s not gone very soon or flying won’t be pretty. Wish me luck.

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