Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 25 - Back on Track

I finally feel completely back in the swing of things. Monday was knitting, as usual and I swam twice during the week but there was a bit of drama too. All good though.

 Wednesday was just a normal morning and I was sitting at my computer when Randy, my office mate, pushed back from his desk abruptly. He’d been dripped on so we all looked up and there was water dripping out of the light fixture over his cubie. We called Facilities and in the 45 minutes it took them to get there, we went from 1 recycle bin to 6  and from just the light fixture to that plus 6 ceiling tiles. The water was pouring out so Randy covered all his computer equipment with trash bags and the student worker had to move to another cubie. Facilities sent a team of 6 guys to fix it so it was a bit crowded and noisy.

Since we’re on the top floor, it was the AC unit on the roof that was leaking. The first thing they had to do was turn off the AC and it was in the 90’s outside and humid as all get out so it heated up fast. It was just a blocked drain so once they unplugged that, it was just a matter of vacuuming up the pooled water and waiting for the dripping to stop. The AC was back on in half an hour. We all went to an early lunch and by early afternoon they were replacing the tiles and it was like it never happened except for a small wet spot on the rug. Needless to say, we didn’t get much done that morning.

There was dangerous weather this week too. A tornado hit Pilger, which is 100 miles north of me, and another hit Coleridge where my friend from spinning lives. Her barn was picked up and came back down off its foundation and two sheds are gone but at least all her animals were OK. We had our own storm on Friday night when we were attempting a Knitting in Public dinner for World Wide Knit in Public Week.

It was blazing hot but our plan was to sit outside at Chips so we could stay after we finished eating without taking up an inside table. I actually said that it was nice that the sun was behind a cloud so it wasn’t so hot. Then we started hearing thunder then it started sprinkling. The sky had turned ominous and 30 seconds after we ran inside, the skies opened up. The rain slammed down for the next two hours and since people dashed out to beat it, we got a table inside then no one came in during the rain so we happily stayed inside and knitted until after 9:00. I snapped this picture of lightening in the clouds as I left.

Saturday was a busy day. Darla was coming for breakfast so I got up and made blueberry pancakes and bacon and Darla arrived just before 8:30. We chatted and caught up then headed to the Wahoo Senior Center thrift shop. We didn’t get much there but did score at Fremont Goodwill where we went next. It was lots of fun and we both left with a bunch of stuff. After a stop at HyVee for Starbucks and a quick bite, she dropped me at spinning where I’d hitch a ride home with Andrea. It was just a spin along and since I don’t spin, I tried and failed to start a new pair of socks. We left there and headed to Omaha where I overbought at Trader Joe’s then did a full stock up at Aldi. I didn’t get home until 7:30 so nuked some leftover pasta for dinner after putting away the cold stuff. I left the rest for Sunday.

I never left the house on Sunday and had a productive day. I put all the groceries away, did all the laundry including all the new stuff from Saturday and then finally did some cooking – a big pot of collard greens (had never made them so got directions from Ginny, who makes the southern classic all the time) and a pot of red sauce. I thawed what I thought were pork bones for the sauce (I use bones to flavor it and add cannellini beans for protein) but it was actual meat so I’ll be making salsa pork in the crock pot later this week. At least I have plenty of options for food this week. : )

So, it was a good week and I feel completely back to normal. I still haven’t written the blazing letter to the corporate office of the travel agency but have been giving it thought. I need to get that done so I can completely move on from the trip drama. I’m looking forward to some drama free living this summer.

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