Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 20 - Ready to Go

I have always worked best under pressure. Nothing gets me moving like a deadline. But as I get older, I’m getting much better at doing things sooner so I’m not slamming at the last minute. This week was proof of that. With my pre-trip list in hand, I was a machine!

I had spent so much time outside the previous weekend that the inside of the house was a mess. I also hadn’t done my usual chores so had tons of laundry and dishes to deal with. Monday was knitting, as usual, and I finished the most gorgeous pair of socks I’ve ever made, n’est-ce pas? I ran errands after work on Tuesday then did more tree pruning with the pruning saw on a stick that Lorri had dropped off. Since rain was forecast on Wednesday night, I planned to start the inside stuff then. I managed to get the kitchen picked up and laundry started before I sat down for Survivor. The rest of the night was history. But I got enough done to feel good about things.

Thursday was the saga of the pants. I had bought 2 new pair of pants for my trip from Woman Within (HATE that name! Within what? All the fat? I can think of no other way to interpret that name since it’s a plus size clothing company.) The pants came on Wednesday but with their usual quality control problems, one pair fit perfectly but the other pair was like a sausage casing. Same brand, same fabric, same cut – just different colors. I foolishly decided to wear the tight ones to work in hopes that they’d stretch. It clearly wasn’t happening so I stopped at Wal-Mart (the only place open at 7:45 a.m.) on the way in and bought some pants. They only had petites in my size and when I tried them on, they were flood waters. I sat at my desk feeling uncomfortable and decided to go shopping at lunch. I found a pair of Lee Riders at ShopKo then headed to Chinese buffet with Dodie. It’s a good thing I had the new pants because discomfort turned to outright pain after lunch. Luckily, the new pants fit perfectly so I changed when I got back to the office. They required some rolling up and surgery on the “instantly slims you” (have they seen me?) panel in the front but they were definitely comfy and coming with me to France. And it’s a good thing they worked out because I could not have stayed at work in the sausage casing pants. Going home because of tight pants would have been a total waste of vacation time! Am I right?

My productivity continued on Thursday in the garden. Before I went in for the night the veg beds were prepped and I’d sifted a wheel barrow full of gorgeous compost from my old pile behind the garage. Dinner was crackers and dip with a Guinness, which normally would have meant I was done for the night but after watching an hour of TV, I got up and swept and vacuumed the entire house and cleaned the bathroom before taking a shower and heading to bed. I felt pretty good about everything I’d gotten done so far. All I had for the weekend was more gardening and cooking. Doable.

Saturday was spinning but I decided first thing that I didn’t need to go, because going would push all my garden plans to Sunday. I had a few errands to run in town and would spend Saturday afternoon outside. When I was at the recycling bins downtown, I saw the Open sign lit at the Senior Center Thrift Shop, which I found out is open the 3rd Saturday of every month. News to me. I went in and found the perfect messenger bag for the trip, a carry on bag and a lightweight jacket, among other things. I got BK for lunch and was home working in the garden by early afternoon. The weather was perfect and I just kept going, not stopping until 7:20 that night. No wonder I was hungry! When I went inside, the veg beds were planted and so were all of my containers. I made what I’d already bought (can we say impulse plant buying, boys and girls?) and what I’d wintered over work. When I was done, all my planters were planted and looking good. I was just short one hanger for shade, which I’ll buy one night this week. I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

With all the gardening must do’s done, Sunday was relaxing. I cleaned out the frig of anything I wouldn’t eat in the coming week and prepped a big bag of food for Lori’s chickens. I finished the laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, moved the now empty plant stands outside and reswept. By day’s end, the house was as good as it gets and all that was left to do was pack. Nice.

I can only hope that having everything done will mean I can sleep like a baby all week and be well rested before I leave. Since I never know what will stress me out subconsciously these days, which inevitably leads to stress dreams, there’s another reason to get things done early. Let’s hope my no stress week pans out because by next Sunday, I’ll be blogging from Paris. : )

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