Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 18 - The May List

Well, it's finally May so I dug into my pre-trip to do list. It was a productive week so it all worked. And did I mention how much I LOVE spring! Even with rain all week until Thursday, I was happy. We needed the moisture and the lack of sun made all the colors pop. Insert gratuitous crabapple pic. Gotta love it!
First off  - appointments. I had my semi-annual dentist appointment on Wednesday, which was still April so my May list hadn't started yet but it counts. The big thing was the shot in my right knee, which I got on Thursday. When you get a cortisone shot when you're not in acute pain, guess what, it hurts! They pump two big syringes into your joint and it takes 24 hours for it to absorb so not only does the shot hurt but you end up with a stiff, swollen joint for awhile. But by the time I had my hair cut on Saturday morning, it's like I had a new knee. Yay!

I had a lovely weekend with a nice mix of getting things done, social things and the usual chores. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday and after lying in bed for an hour, I got up. And stayed up. After only 4 hours of sleep, I figured a crash was coming so I drank some extra caffeine and didn't stop. After my hair appointment at 8:30 I ran errands then home for lunch. We had a knitting thing at the museum as part of the home town sports exhibit at 1:00 but it was such a gorgeous day that no one was inside so we bailed long before our scheduled end time. After a stock up run to Dollar General, I headed home for tea (more caffeine) and to clean out the refrigerator. I called Lori to see if I could bring over a big bag of old produce for her chickens ("the girls") and headed over there around dinner time. Lori and Ken were enjoying beer in the shed so I joined them and didn't leave until it was starting to get dark. I had made it all day, gotten stuff done, had some fun and never faded. I gladly went to bed early, looking forward to another productive day on Sunday.

It was super windy on Sunday, which was cramping my style on outside work. I spent a chunk of the day sitting and knitting but with enough spurts of chores in between so as not to feel guilty. Before dinner I dropped a big pot of corn chowder at Anne Marie's (one less meal to think about with the new baby), vacuumed my car, picked up some bulbs at Lorri's (the other Lorri - 2 R's) and got gas in the car and for the mower. There was no time to make dinner for myself so I had cheese and crackers and an egg sandwich while I watched PBS. When 8:00 hit, I saw it was still light enough to work so I headed outside to prep a veggie bed and plant the bulbs. Then it was a shower and making dip for food day on Monday. So while I snuck a lot in at the end of the day, it still counts as done and by waiting I missed the wind. It's all good.

There's still more gardening to do and I never swept but I'll live. It's a busy week ahead with a couple of graduation parties so there won't be much time at home to worry about floors. I'll be waiting to find a new cleaning lady until I'm back from my trip. I'll have another list for post-trip. Go figure. : )

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