Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5 - My Happy Birthday

This was the first full week I’d worked yet this year and it started out on a tear. Josh and Randy called in on Monday and Mary was at my desk first thing with a list of things I was only minimally involved in on the first go and was very uneasy trying to do. Luckily Nora arrived after 9:00 and between the two of us, we dug and and figured out what to do. We slammed all day preparing data for a meeting with the vice chancellor and I was only able to duck out to deliver the food to Brenda and Michael after the meeting started. After a little reprieve, there were more data requests. Oh well. Nora and I managed to get things done and she even sent me a nice email later that night thanking me. After that long day, I swam then went straight to knitting. It was a long day but it ended well. Gotta love knitting with friends. 

I had planned to swim again on Tuesday but my yarn from Germany had arrived on Monday but they hadn’t left it. Andrea picked it up for me at the post office and I couldn’t wait to get home to check it out. It was a grab bag of 4 skeins so the colors were a surprise. There was one I wasn’t too keen on but the other were gorgeous. It was a nice night – I got to enjoy a leisurely dinner and stroke my yarn. : ) 

I swam on Wednesday to make up for it. Have I mentioned that I hate Wednesday’s class? Water Zumba. I’m a total klutz and flounder around in the pool but I did it, spending lots of time laughing at my own ineptitude. I lived to tell. 

I had a really busy Thursday and Friday with meetings galore and training too. After two meetings in a row, I got back after 1:00 for a 1:30 training only to find the portal to SAP down. Two people had come in from North Platte (the West Central Research Center) for the class and they were staying afterwards for a consolidated version of my other class. Cancelling was not an option. I had a brainstorm and sent Nicki upstairs to find an AP clerk who was still logged in (the system wasn’t down, just the portal to log in) and get their IP address so we could log in. I madly handed out materials, tripping over a file drawer in the process and almost taking out one of the trainees when I grabbed her table to break my fall. I had a huge egg on my shin but didn’t hit the floor. That was something at least. And Nicki found someone so we were able to do the class but they just could watch on the main screen rather than following along, which made the class shorter than normal. But done! I was pretty pleased with myself.  

I had planned to swim and then head right to book club but just couldn’t face another rushed night so opted to go home and have dinner instead. It meant I’d only swum twice but I’ll survive. Book club was meeting in the new temporary location for the library and it was a book I’d picked and enjoyed – Suite Francaise. It was a good discussion and I even got some knitting done. I was slamming to finish my January socks by Friday for my Socks from Stash group on Ravelry. It was looking like I’d make it. 

Friday was the day before my birthday and so was chocolate filled. Jenny brought me peanut butter balls (my favorite and an annual tradition), Nora a bear stick, Mary chocolate orange peels and I met Dodie, who brought me flowers and orange sticks. All this before Layton took me out for lunch at Leadbelly’s in the Haymarket. I had meetings all afternoon and then a Husker Cats meeting at 5:15. The day was over in a flash and I happily headed home for the weekend. I finished my socks in the nick of time too. Nice. 

Andrea and I were going to Omaha for my birthday. I picked her up at 1:00 and we started at The Cheesecake Factory where we split 3 small plates and then I got my fave – limoncello cake. After a quick stop at Penzey’s and Joann’s, we went to Saving Mr. Banks, which was a wonderful movie. I cried a lot. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It was a fun birthday and I came home to lots of phone and facebook messages. It’s good to have so many friends. 

Sunday was catch up day – chores and phone calls mostly. But I caught up on my blog, posted all my new yarn (did I mention the 3 skeins I was given for my birthday? More wonderful friends.) and dug up, washed and hung out tablecloths for Wine & Dine decorations. I also managed to fit in some cooking and laundry. All in all, it was a good week. I have the most wonderful friends and am thankful every day for them. Yes, I mean you. : )

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