Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 47 - Prepping for Vacation

Just 5 more days. That’s what I was thinking at the start of the week. Five more days and I’d be off for nine. I could only hope it wasn’t going to drag.

Monday morning started with slamming through data for Mary. It started out innocently but by the 4th request, I asked what was up, only to find out Mary had a meeting with the VC right after lunch. Needless to say, the morning was over in a flash. So far, so good. Once Mary was all set, Darla and I went to HyVee for salad bar lunch. The afternoon didn’t drag either then I swam, ate a sandwich in the car and went right to the library for knitting. One down, four to go.

Tuesday was a food day and I hadn’t made my cottage cheese dip yet so did that first thing instead of eating breakfast and so grabbed a donut at work. I was tired from the long day Monday and not sleeping well (story of my life lately) and so was exhausted by the end of the day. I had planned to swim all four days since I wouldn’t be swimming while on vacation but when 5:00 hit, I just couldn’t do it. It didn’t help that the Tuesday instructor is my least favorite then when I saw the cats all milling around, that clinched it. I decided to hang with the campus kitties for awhile and not swim. And I was fine with that decision. I stopped at Dollar General on the way home and then to partially redeem myself, I prepped my swap package so I could mail it on Wednesday. I did the customs form online and almost keeled over when I saw the shipping price - $54! There wasn’t stuff worth that much in the box! Oh well. Next swap will just need to be domestic and I had better get a good package from a far off (not Canada!) country.

I mailed the package at the Union on Wednesday morning and then just ate at my desk and powered through work. I was making good progress on the dregs of my to do list. I swam and then went home to Survivor. Just two more days.

Darla was coming over for breakfast on Thursday because she was going to be in Wahoo for her niece’s adoption hearing. When the hearing was scheduled, she’d invited herself and I was fine with that. Despite being completely ready for an easy pancakes and bacon breakfast, I still had stress dreams so slept badly AGAIN! But we had fun and chatted until I absolutely had to leave for work. I was late, of course. I wasn’t hungry at lunch so Dodie and I went for bagels, which is her favorite lunch. Jennifer got me a frapuccino to get me through the afternoon and then I swam. Just one more day.

Nora had been out on and off all week with a sick kid so didn’t come in until noon, at which point we headed to the Union for the international food fair, which we try to hit every year. I got a turnover thing from the Indian students and a meat pie from the Russians. The rest of the day flew and I was done! I headed to the thrift store with Darla because that’s our Friday thing. We were happily doing the racks and bumped into someone from campus. Well, we were talking in the housewares aisle and she coughed with her mouth wide open and a loogie hit my lip! OMG! I was SO grossed out and appalled. Who does that beyond the age of 3? I wiped my lip on my collar and Darla and I walked away. When I got to the car, I pulled out a wet wipe and scrubbed away at my mouth thinking that there’d be hell to pay if I got sick on my vacation. Well, it wasn’t a cold I had to worry about.

I got right in the shower when I got home, still fighting the skeev factor. I pulled out my new nightie and sat down to watch some TV. But there was something going on with my stomach. I’d commented to Darla that I felt like I’d eaten a side of beef and now I was feeling queasy. Long story short, I barfed my insides out! This was not an auspicious start to my week off, especially because I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom so had some clean up to do. The only good thing was I felt instantly better once my stomach was empty. I went to bed early and hoped I was fine.

I slept for 9-1/2 hours and woke up feeling fine. Whewh! I could only hope there wasn’t a cold in my future. I had a pretty normal Saturday – errands and knitting. Sunday was normal too – chores mostly and a well timed trip to the Catholic school for their cookie sale, which is the best ever because you stand in front of a table loaded with cookies and they pack the ones you want. Nice. Andrea came over for knitting and tea in the afternoon, which is always fun.

As for the rest of the vacation, which would official start on Monday, I was planning on taking it easy so hadn’t even made a to do list. I wasn’t sure if I could leave it that way but went to bed happy to have the next seven days off. Life is good!


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