Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 46 - Reframing Veg Time

The week didn’t start off well. Monday was a normal day at work and then knitting at the library. Then I went to bed. I fell asleep fine but was up from 1:15-4:30. No reason. I stayed in bed for awhile but when it was clear I wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon, I got up and organized all my knitting (needles, yarn, accessories, frogged a project.) When I was done with that, I read until 4:30, at which point I turned off the light and fell asleep eventually. Sheesh!

When the alarm went off at 5:52, I turned it off and rolled over. I had considered calling in when I was still awake but woke up at 7:11 (from a disturbing dream but at least I was sleeping hard enough to dream!) and decided to go to work. I was in the shower directly from bed then just grabbed lunch stuff and a yogurt and scone for breakfast and was out the door at 7:50 and at my desk by 8:30. Needless to say, I was a zombie but made it through most of the day, actually getting a lot of little things done from my to do list. I left at 4:15 and headed to the polls. I voted then had cereal for breakfast and waited for bedtime, doing nothing to get a second wind. I went to be right after 9:00, at which point the election was head to head and I hoped worry wouldn’t keep me awake. I needn’t have worried. I was out like a light. I did stumble out to the TV at 12:40 when I woke up, sighed with relief and went back to bed, sleeping until my alarm went off.

Besides Obama, everyone I voted for lost but then that’s par for the course. I felt so much better rested and would have a good lunch. I had invited Darla to UAAD for lunch because Paul Wesselmann, the Ripples Guy, was presenting and he’s one of my very favorite people. Not only was it a good meeting but there was a drawing for people who brought guest and I won! A subwoofer and speakers for my computer. Nice. I swam after work and went to bed early again in an attempt to catch up on some more sleep.

I was looking forward to Thursday because there was an all afternoon professional development session with Paul. The morning flew then I grabbed soup and a bagel with Dodie before heading to Paul’s PD, which was wonderful. Since it was off campus and didn’t get over until 4:30, I left from there and picked Darla up for a thrift run. We found a few things and had fun, as always.

I was going up in the elevator with Josh on Friday and he mentioned that with Nora out, the mice could play. NOT! My phone was ringing before I had my coat off and two other people were waiting for something from me. Then Nora called with a project that took the rest of the day. After a quick lunch with Layton and finishing everything else, I dug in on that. I was super frustrated and only then remembered that I had felt this way before on the same project. I checked the documentation file and found that it couldn’t be done! We tried the same thing a year ago and didn’t have the supporting data so I pulled out some pdf’s and started plugging data. I met with Mary and dug into some detail for her and didn’t finish until 4:45. The day was over in a flash. I stopped at The Warehouse on the way home and scored on their buy 10 frozen items and they’re 50% off. I got 7 pints of Ben & Jerry’s, enough blueberries for a pie, a pork roast and a Lean Cuisine for $18.50. It’s always good to end the work week with a deal.

Since it was supposed to be 77 on Saturday, I was going to spent it doing yard work. But before I headed out, I finished all the inside stuff that had to be done in case I blew out my knee. Yes, that’s where my mind goes these days. With the cat boxes changed and the laundry hanging on the line, I headed to Andrea’s to pick up her cordless hedge trimmer, getting BK for us before dropping her keys back at the shop. I planted my last perennials and started the hedge, which is HUGE, covering half of the front of my house. The charge on the trimmer only lasted 5 minutes so I did the rest by hand. But the bush is so big that I can’t reach the middle, even after trimming what I could reach from inside my bedroom hanging out the window.  Since my neighbor always seems to have kids in her house, I headed over there in search of a kid to finish my hedge. Did I hit pay dirt! For $10, Billy climbed the ladder and did a great job of finishing my hedge. Then he said he would do anything in my yard that needed doing. I wrote his number down, thrilled to have someone to call for gutter cleaning and such. Yay!

With the yard work and all the must do chores done, Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I cleaned up the kitchen and did some cooking plus lots of knitting and even some reading in the sun in the afternoon. Since a front had come through and the temp had plummeted, it was a nice day to stay inside. Plus I was now thinking of my vegging as necessary recovery time thanks to Paul’s wisdom so didn’t feel guilty at all. It’s time to cut myself some slack for taking a day off. Thanks Paul.

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