Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 42 - Another Productivity Shortage

I had a good week. I got lots done – at home, at work, errands, everything! – and on Friday I had my last PT. I spent the week fighting hot flashes ALL THE TIME! If I could bottle this heat for this winter, I'd save a ton on my heating bills. At least they've morphed from visibly dripping from the neck up to just hot everywhere. Other than the fact that I turn fans on everywhere I go, at least I'm not mopping sweat. So there's that at least. How's that for looking for the silver lining? Gold star in my opinion. Anyway, on to my week.....
I had a meeting that ate up most of Monday morning but was fun – going through all the steps between budget, financial and HR to cope with a reorg under Academic Affairs. There was lots of laughter, which always makes for a good meeting. When that was over, I jumped in the car and went down to Michael’s, where I scored some great stuff for my swap. I spent what seemed like most of the afternoon with Nora and then just couldn’t cope with rushing from the pool right to knitting so skipped swimming in favor of going home to eat some dinner before knitting. It was nice not to rush around. I never used to swim on Mondays but at some point decided that rushing like a banshee on Monday was worth it to have another night where I could go straight home. It may be time to rethink this.
On Tuesday morning, I used the ten minutes I save by not having to walk 4-5 blocks from my car (loving this temp handicapped pass!) to stop at Wal Mart before work to pick up coffee, which I didn’t have enough of to get through the week. Going in the morning is the only way to shop there. And because I can leave and come back to my spot right outside the door, Darla and I went to our favorite thrift store and then hit HyVee for pizza and salad. I had thought about paying to get a close spot, which would be expensive and have to be approved by the Vice Chancellor, but didn’t pursue it when my knee got so much better. Hmm…. Maybe I should rethink that too.

Anyway, I swam on Tuesday, which was pretty miserable because it was cold everywhere – the air and water, meaning we were freezing whenever our shoulders were out of the water. I happily went home to sit and knit. I wanted to watch Frontline, which was a profile of both Obama and Romney. I struggled to keep my eyes open, actually dozing in my chair – something I never do. At least I slept well when I finally went to bed.
Wednesday was another busy day at work, jumping from one thing to another all day long. I had planned to skip swimming and go home and cook pasta before Survivor but Kate reminded me that we had fewer classes next week so I went. It was cold again but it was Sarah’s shallow class so it went quickly and was fun. I had brought my sweats so changed into them and went right home to watch Survivor and knit. It felt great.

Dodie and I went to lunch on Thursday at Panera and it was another quick day at work, with another meeting in the afternoon. I don’t usually have many meetings but there were lots this week. My knee was a bit twingy after the shallow class on Wednesday so I skipped swimming and went food shopping. Just putting the groceries away felt like I was getting something done. I did neatize the kitchen a bit too. Maybe that was it.
I finished a sock before work on Friday. Always a good start to the day. I spent the morning working on my to do list from Thursday’s meeting and then dropped watches at the battery place before doing lunch with Layton. I was leaving work at 4:00 for my last PT so would pick up the watches either before or after that. The afternoon flew and I made good time (no traffic until 5:00 I guess) so picked up the watches beforehand. PT was hard (duh!) but my last and they gave me a parting gift (yes, that’s what they called it) – a nice commuter cup. I went home to start my weekend, with high hopes for it being productive.

The only plan outside the house was sorting books at the library from 11:00-3:00. I was supposed to bring a goodie so made pretzel/rolo/pecan turtles Saturday morning and picked up the kitchen before leaving for the library. As I suspected, just Pat and I showed up at 11:00. We couldn’t tell what had been done already or even which books needed sorting and I couldn’t get anyone on the phone so we just dug in. Another friend showed up with his grandsons and then Jenna and Denise came. We made good time, probably because there are only half as many books as we should have for a decent book sale. This isn’t going to be pretty. But I was home at 1:00 so was happy to be done with it.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have a very productive afternoon. Yup, I was sitting and knitting. Go figure. I got two packages in the mail, both yarn, so it was a fiber filled day. Yay! I did get up long enough to sort through my food cupboards, which were in total disarray. Then after more sitting, I did rally and made a big pot of chili for supper, using some of the many cans of beans I found in the cupboard. I was not a paragon of productivity but oh well, that seems to be my weekend MO lately.

I got up Sunday determined to spend the day cooking, using up the ridiculous amount of food I had in the house. I started with pancakes and bacon then the baking began – banana bread, chocolate chip cookies and banana cake to take to knitting (just the cake.) Then I made cauliflower cheese and ham steak for dinner and 3 bean salad and tuna salad for lunches. So, I’ll certainly eat well this week. Good thing because I’ll need lots of energy just to clean up all the pots and pans I dirtied in my cooking spree. I think I used them all. At least I have the pressure of the cleaning lady coming this week so I’ll have to get them done. You know me – I work best with a deadline. Have a good week.

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