Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 11 - New Cleaning Lady

It was a much easier week than the last two. Nora was back at work and gave us all, including the boys, some new assignments. And the boys are getting to the point where they can work more independently, which means only the occasional question so I’m getting some work done too. Yay!

That said, Monday found me trying to finish the last of the monthly reports. It would have been easier to do myself and I fear I wasn’t as patient as I should have been with the questions. It was a frustrating day and I was exhausted by day’s end. I skipped not only the pool but knitting too, which is a rarity. When I got home before 6:00 and put on my sweats, any hope of going to knitting was gone. I sat at home and knitted so just missed the company.

Tuesday was the day Nora met with us all and divvied out a ton of new work. Afterwards, we walked to Starbuck’s and sat outside for a few minutes before heading back to work. It was another gorgeous day of unseasonable warmth. Gotta love it now but I hope we don’t have another blazing hot summer as pay back. It felt great to be back on track at work and I was in the pool again on Tuesday and Wednesday. I even packed my bento box again for lunch those days.

The new cleaning lady started on Thursday so I was excited to get home and see how she did. Despite that, I did some errands after work, starting at the thrift store with Darla. We didn’t get much there but I scored some nice, cheap yarn at Tuesday Morning and then found all kinds of things at Big Lots, which hasn’t happened in a long time. I was thrilled to get home and find my house clean and for less than half what I was paying Ginger. : )

Friday was a blur and the weekend was here. My only plan was doing a master gardener CE session with Lorri on Saturday afternoon in Fremont. Beforehand, I had to pay some bills and do a bank deposit for the library and hit Dollar General to do a big stock up sometime on Saturday so I could use my $5 off $25 coupon. Neither should have taken long but I ended up getting home at 11:58 and Lorri was picking me up at 12:15. I called to ask if we could leave a few minutes later (she agreed) so I wouldn’t have to bolt my lunch and then we headed north. The session was pretty dull (beginner class) but I brought my socks so got a bit of knitting done and then it got out early. I was home just after 4:00 and it was another gorgeous day so I made a cup of tea and sat outside reading, where I was actually hot sitting in the sun. Nice!

Having had such an easy week, I should have been a machine on Sunday but instead sat on my butt knitting. I had agreed to test knit a new pattern for a designer so was working on those instead of the handmade for my next swap or one of the many projects I already have on the needles. Sheesh! Andrea stopped by in the afternoon and despite big cooking plans, I nuked the last of my chicken a la king and so have nothing to eat this week. Good thing the freezer is stocked. And there’s always hope for next weekend. Story of my life.

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