Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 32 - Dyeing and Cooking

It was a super busy week, both at work and home. There were 2 more days of fiscal year end closing meetings to prep for and although I’d done as much ahead as I could, it still filled my days. Luckily Dale being gone didn’t have much of an impact, which I’d been worried about.

I knitted at the library Monday night as usual. Period 13 closed at the end of the day Tuesday so Mary was having a fiscal year end party at her house after work. It started right after work and since I couldn’t go home, I was the first one there. I parked my butt at the table and only moved once to get up for food. I was not the only one low on energy and wasn’t the first to leave when I did ~8:00. By the time I got home, it was after 9:00. What a long day!

On Wednesday night, I finally got together with Helen to see Buck at the Ross. We had scheduled it 3 times before we actually did it. What a wonderful movie! It was about a horse whisperer but had a lot to offer even non-horse people like me. Find this movie and watch it. Seriously. Anyway, we went to the 7:00 show so it was almost 10:00 when I got home. After my third long day in a row, I was exhausted.

Work settled down by Thursday and I could get back to normal stuff. I had lunch with Dodie and had planned to swim after work but just couldn’t muster the energy so just went straight home. I nuked the last of my chicken a la king and sat like a zombie in a chair. It was wonderful. I pretty much did the same thing on Friday, despite planning to food shop.

Saturday morning meant it was time to get the kittens to the vet for shots. Now the little gray and white guy has decided I’m OK and lives on my deck but the other 2 had gone home earlier in the week and I hadn’t seen them much. My plan was to lure them with bacon so I fried some up for breakfast. At 9:30, little gray kitten in the carrier, I headed to the next street. The bacon worked like a charm and within 5 minutes I had all 3 crated and got them to the vet without event. $110 later, they were done and I could now advertise them as having shots. Yay! Unfortunately my kitty karma was offset by hitting a squirrel on the way home. As they do, he ran right under my tire. It happens.

I was determined to be productive during the day so started by cleaning up the kitchen. Normally I want to cook as soon as the kitchen is done but this time it was dyeing. I got out some yarn and kool aid and got busy dyeing for my next color swap. My partner’s colors are turquoise and chartreuse so berry blue and lemon lime worked great. I hung the yarn outside just before I had to leave to pick Lorri up. To thank her for taking care of the cats while I was in RI, I had bought tickets for us to see The Church Basement Ladies – a musical at Nebraska Rep. We went to Panera first (I had my yummy salad – go figure) and then the play, which was hilarious. We drove home in a storm with lots of lightening but no hail. It was another late night.

Sunday brought more dyeing. I did a second lot for the swap, not to knit with but to send to her as yarn. I also did 4 test dyes of some mauve yarn I wanted overdye, settling on ice blue raspberry lemonade, which made a nice lavender color, for the big skein. I have lots more of the mauve yarn (I bought a 1 pound done at a garage sale for $2 last summer) but it’s not soft so I’ll have to knit something to see if it’s worth dyeing more. I think this yarn dyeing is a blast! It’s like a little science experiment and I end up with pretty yarn. The fact that I’ve been starting with thrift store or yard sale yarn makes it even better. Look out once I get some wool combs and can start spinning my own wool. I’ll be so uber satisfied I may just keel over with happiness. Oh the anticipation! : )

By 5:00, I’d done nothing much but dye all day so forced myself to get up and start cooking. I have not been cooking much lately and had a frig full of produce. I cooked all evening and finished the day with tons of yummy food for the week – 3 bean salad, potato salad, egg salad, cottage cheese dip, fresh pineapple and cantaloupe. I had hoped to bake cookies but ran out of time. Lighting the oven didn’t sound appealing anyway because I was sweating even with the AC on. Oh well. It’s supposed to be much cooler this week so maybe one of these nights. Don’t count on it though. I have another busy week ahead.

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