Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 51 - Prepping for Christmas

I spent most of the week obsessed with Christmas preparations. Me and the rest of the world. I started the week with a to do list parsed out by night so had a pretty clear idea of what needed doing. Lots!

I was also thinking I had some holes in my stocking stuffers but hit pay dirt at the dollar store on Tuesday. Am I the last person on the planet to discover Only a Dollar? I’d been in once before but hadn’t been impressed. This time I filled my cart with 43 items! I got lots of stocking stuffers (the fillers that I’d been lacking) plus tons of other stuff, from cleaning products to Pepperidge Farm cookies in single serve packs. I left feeling great because my Christmas shopping was officially done.

Next on the list was getting Ginny’s package shipped. I had hoped to get the calendars done in time to include but I didn’t get the last pages until Thursday so that was out. Crossing the calendar off of the to do list took some of the pressure off but I still missed my self-imposed Wednesday deadline to get the box in the mail. I mailed it Friday and hope a week is long enough for it to get there.

On the cat front, I took the mama cat in to get spayed on Wednesday so she'd be home and mostly recovered before I left. But I still needed to find a home for the gray and white kitten. Well, I was in the pool on Thursday night for the last time before break and asked Monica if she needed a kitten, just like I’ve asked everyone for the past couple of weeks, even complete strangers in the elevator. It’s a good thing the pool was shallow so I didn't drown from shock when she said yes. She had been looking for another cat but The Cat House (the local no kill shelter) turned her down because she rents. How perfect! Anne attested to the kitten’s total cuteness so I made plans to deliver her to Lincoln on Saturday. Yay!

Despite it being my last weekend to get everything done, I had lots of social things scheduled for the weekend. I delivered the kitten to Monica on Saturday morning and then met Susan for lunch, which was fun. From there I headed downtown to meet Darla at the movies to see Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which was my favorite book of the 7 Narnia books growing up. We were seeing it in 3-D, which I was excited about too. The movie was great but the 3-D was a bust. They missed many opportunities, in my opinion. Oh well. It was fun anyway.

When I got home, I finally decorated my tree. The first step was my new LED lights. Well, the box said soft white but sheesh! With only 50 lights, it was still bright enough to land a plane by. Oh well, I’m doing my part for the environment and had hope that it wouldn’t be so bright once the ornaments were on. When I dug through all my boxes, I found plenty of kitten proof ornaments and despite losing some of my faves to the mildew, I still had plenty of fun ones. When I was done, the tree was still 100% me and looked great. And so far, so good. Totnes has only shown minimal interest in the tree but there’s no telling what it’ll look like after I’ve been gone for a week.

I had hoped Sunday would be a regular chore day with lots of time knitting between getting things done. But early in the day, I decided to tackle the calendar pages. This was the 5th year of our swap but this year people went Cricut crazy. When I got the pages, it was clear I had more work to do. Three of the pages went right into the trash and 3 others needed to be completely reworked. Before I knew it, it was 2:00 and I hadn’t even stopped for lunch. By the time I finished my last pages, it was almost time to head to Lorri’s for tea. And I hadn’t even begun to choose pictures, never mind scanning and uploading them. Finishing the calendars is going to have to be a post-Rhode Island project but at least I have the pages done.

Tea at Lorri’s was a nice break and it was good to catch up. Lorri and I always exchange a little something and she has totally embraced my attempts to limit stuff in my life. For the second year in a row, she gave me meat! I got 2 pork chops, some beer bread mix and a can of beer. What’s not to like! Then it was home to cook my pork chops for dinner and watch the Survivor finale, getting up during ads to get stuff done. Three days from now I’ll be landing in RI.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

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