Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 49 - More Kitten Fun

I woke up Monday feeling much better and ready to tackle life again. Life but not quite water aerobics yet. I skipped Monday night fearing I’d cough up a lung so went home and tackled a ton of chores before heading to knitting. On Tuesday I was leaving early to go to a reception in Fremont for the Extension Educator who had run our Master Gardener program for years. Lorri and I went up with her husband Bob and made a quick Wal Mart run afterwards. Despite the 60 mile ride from Lincoln, I was still home by 7:00, which was nice. By Wednesday I felt up for the pool but we don’t have class on Wednesdays until next semester so I headed home right after work to reclaim my frig and freeze the last of the Thanksgiving food. Then I enjoyed an evening of TV while eating another plate of turkey leftovers. I wasn’t sick of them yet. On Thursday I finally made it to the pool – yay! I made it through, despite some residual congestion, and it felt great.

The weather had turned really cold with a biting wind early in the week so I put my heating pad into the tote I had on the deck for the cats, hoping that the mom would stick on the deck and not take the kittens back to the dumpster. It worked and they spent their down time huddled in the warmth but by mid week, I was letting the kittens inside while I was home. Then the mom started coming in. Saturday morning I took them to the vet for shots, worming and a check up. Since they were all feeling dumpy, I let the kittens stay inside that night. I wormed the mom Saturday night and they all spent most of Sunday inside. It’s official – I’m a sucker. I finally got a purr out of the mom so am beginning to think I should keep her instead of the dilute calico kitten. I’m torn. I’m putting a free to a good home ad in the paper and plan to have the kittens gone by Christmas. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching the kittens scamper and play. I’ve never had a little of kittens before. It is so much fun!

I had a wonderful weekend! I stopped on the way home on Friday and bought both my Christmas trees, which, much to my surprise, totally kick started my Christmas spirit, which has been waning in recent years. I had made brownies for Santa coming to the library so dropped those Saturday morning on the way to the vet. I had wisely invited Andrea over for lunch so had to get all more chores done before she arrived at 1:00. We enjoyed turkey soup and homemade bread hot from the oven and then went to Christmas on the Prairie, where we were demonstrating knitting along with Anne Marie. Lots of people stopped by the chat and we had hot cider and cookies. It was fun afternoon.

Andrea and I were scheduled for an Omaha run to Trader Joe’s and Penzey’s on Sunday morning. I had a nice morning reading the paper and watching CBS Sunday morning and was on the road by 10:00. I went a bit nuts at TJ’s, mostly because I could actually walk the aisles and see the food this time. We were in and out of Penzey’s but then stopped at Sur La Table, where I mostly bought fun stuff for me, like the cutest little orange colander ever! Good thing I’d bought lots of stuff for others at TJ’s. We had planned to be home by noon but it was more like 2:00. My big plans to get all kinds of things crossed off my to do list didn’t work out so well. I did do some planning for my calendar pages, which was fun, and made yummy dinner (lobster ravioli with cream sauce), yogurt and banana pudding. Not a super productive end of the week but I’ll live. It was a great week. Less than 3 weeks until Christmas. Time to get organized.

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  1. Merry, you are not a sucker. You are a lovely person.
    It sounds like you are having a fabulous December so far. I love hearing about your busy life.