Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 22 - Gardening Is Done

This week has got to take the cake for getting better with each passing day.

I started the week off in a fog of jet lag and lingering cold symptoms. I arrived to my new office Monday and faced a day of unpacking and slogging through 2 weeks of email, which wasn't all bad because I wasn't up for much more. Tuesday I was some better but still dragging. I spent most of that day culling files that I should have gotten rid of before I moved them twice. With the help of a frappe coffee mid afternoon, I made it through the day but didn't have enough energy to brave the pool (I had also forgotten both my ID and my new suit at home so figured the swim gods were against me anyway.) I went to bed early that night and woke up Wednesday finally feeling normal again. Yay!

With my office all organized and my mind no longer in a fog, I was able to get some actual work done and then go to the pool for the first time in almost 3 weeks. Having made it through my trip without knee problems, it was now time to stop babying the knee and get some serious exercise in the pool. So on Wednesday, decked out in my new red suit, I didn't modify my moves at all and lived to tell. Then Thursday we had a new instructor who really put us through the paces and my heart rate was soaring. It felt great! Combine the exercise with sleeping better, thanks in part to the gorgeous air coming in my windows, and I felt like a new woman ready to tackle my garden over the long weekend.

I only wish the painting were going as well. My painter is making progress every day but at what feels like a snail's pace. By the end of the day Friday, all the ceilings and walls in the front of the house were done but none of the trim, which meant I still couldn't put a single room back in order. At this point, I’ve just let it go since worrying about when it will be done won’t get me anywhere. And I need to concentrate on my gardening anyway.

For a long time, my goal has been to get all my gardening done by May 31st, so I started the weekend with a long to do list. Saturday was hotter than Hades and muggy too but I forced myself outside and prepped the beds in the veggie garden, which required pulling the sea of weeds that had sprouted since it was tilled and turning it over by hand. I worked all morning and into the early afternoon when I took a break from the heat and retreated to the basement, which was cooler than the house. I headed back out in the late afternoon and finished up. Step one done.

Since Anne Marie was home alone for the weekend and Sunday was her birthday, I called her and invited her to Andy’s in Fremont for supper. She was hungry and willing so I grabbed a quick shower to cool off and picked her up. We split everything so had lots of yummy food to share – tomato Florentine soup, pesto linguine, grilled salmon salad and Italian cream cake to finish it off. What a nice finish to a productive day!

Sunday dawned overcast and much cooler. Yay! I spent most of the day inside, going through papers, neatizing the kitchen and cooking. Just before dinner, I headed outside to plant my veggie garden. Step two done.

That left Monday as container day. I had stopped Friday evening to buy a few annuals but was determined to have fewer containers (I normally have 25-30 all over the yard) so planned to mostly use the plants I’d wintered over. Sheesh, I wintered over a lot of geraniums and lantana! I planted from lunch until I lost my shade at 3:00 and then went out again later and planted until after 7:00. The good news is all containers are done and I made my May 31st deadline. Now if the painter would just finish some trim so I can unpack at least one room. I live in hope.

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