Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 18 - A Fresh Finish

It was a pretty uneventful week. I spent most nights chipping away at my pre-trip to do list.

Friday was a lonely day. Dale had the day off so I was all alone in my windowless office. Going out at lunch only made it worse because it was absolutely gorgeous out. I was midway through an endless afternoon when I got an IM from my boss, who was leaving early to prep for her 50th birthday party after work. She asked if I was willing to leave early too to bake some cookies at her house. Needless to say, I was all over that! I beat her home and had the cookies in the oven before she walked in the door.

The party was fun and I left at 8:30 to head to Menard’s to buy the paint. I’m having my entire house painted while I’m in England. Every surface – woodwork, walls and ceilings. I’m VERY excited. I had picked out all my colors so headed to the paint desk for $350(!) worth of paint, leaving with my car full with a weekend of getting more done ahead of me.

I had a productive day on Saturday, getting chores done and doing some cooking for the coming week. But by the end of the day, I was feeling lonely and having trouble settling into anything. I got up on Sunday and made strawberry pancakes then read the paper as usual. When Lorri called shortly after lunch to suggest a trip to a nursery, I jumped at the chance. My intention was to not buy any plants until after I get back but I couldn’t resist and bought a few, that Lorri will have to take care of while I’m gone, thank you very much. : )

Lorri had brought me some asparagus from her garden and when I mentioned that I wanted to make some pasta with it but needed fresh tarragon, she took me by her house to pick some from her garden. We wandered around her garden and then did the same at mine when she dropped me home. As soon as she left, I made the pasta, which was out of this world and super easy with only a few ingredients. It tasted so fresh, most likely because the major ingredients were right out of the garden. Even if you’re buying the ingredients, try this recipe for sure. You won’t be sorry. A week from now I’ll be over the Atlantic. So much to do!

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  1. Oh, this looks delish! I am going to have to try my hand at it. If you don't post again before, have a great trip!