Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 36 - Another Busy Week

It was another busy week. I know, my friends say I’m always busy but this week seemed even busier. So much so that I only got to the pool one night!

As usual, I knitted on Monday, or should I say crocheted because I’d gotten an invite to my friend Maria’s baby shower that afternoon and it was for Saturday! Damn good thing I had a half done blue baby afghan in the basement, which I dragged out and started working on. I had a dentist appointment at 3:00 on Tuesday, where I got my gansta tooth – a bright silver temporary crown that’s so far back that no one but me can see my mouth bling. It makes me smile. Wednesday at 5:00 was an eye doctor appointment that lasted and hour and a half! I finally got to the pool on Thursday and went from there to dinner (salad at Panera) and a movie (District 9, which disappointed me – interesting plot but the violence and gore were so over the top as to be laughable at times, plus the dolby was not what I’d hoped it would be.) Friday I had intended to go swimming but ended up working late, which was the perfect cap on a maniacal week (deans reports usually take 2 of us 1 day but this month took 3 days for all the problems we had.) It worked out though because I had a lot to do when I got home and actually made it home earlier for having skipped the pool.

I had offered to bring pickle roll ups for the shower and Maria asked me to bring a banana cream pie – how could I refuse a pregnant friend? What she didn’t know was I’d already gotten all the ingredients to make a lasagna so she’d have dinner for a few nights. So I had 3 things to cook and an afghan to finish, wash and wrap all before noon on Saturday. Because did I mention the shower was in Grand Island 100 miles away? I made the pickle roll ups and the cream for the pie on Friday night then sat down to finish the afghan while watching Twilight because Maria is Twilight obsessed and the shower had a Twilight theme. I figured I’d better watch the movie if there was any hope of participating at the shower.

I got up early on Saturday to finish the pie (she’d requested a graham cracker crust and a meringue top, which is neither easy nor normal) and make the lasagna, throwing the afghan in the laundry since it smelled musty from its years in the basement. I was done with everything and walked out of my kitchen, which looked like a bomb had gone off, right on time for the 2 hour ride. I was going to Maria’s first to drop off the food before heading to the shower. My ulterior motive was to have some one-on-one time with Maria before the gang scenario of the shower.

The shower went well. Maria seemed to like the afghan, there was plenty of yummy food, including some Mexican specialties from Maria’s mom, and they decided against the Twilight games so my ignorance wasn’t a problem. After the shower I went back to Maria’s and we sat on the deck and chatted. The weather was perfect and it felt good to relax. The ride home was uneventful, which is all I could ask for.

Sunday I did my usual morning routine (reading the paper, watching CBS Sunday morning, etc.) but when I usually get up and get moving, I couldn’t summon the energy to do anything. I sat on my butt knitting and watching whatever was on TV (and it was slim pickings, let me tell you) but I wasn’t enjoying it and was feeling guilty. The kitchen still was a disaster but at least I’d managed to throw some ribs in the crock pot so I’d have supper. Finally at 4:00 I guilted myself into getting busy and headed outside to repot plants. I had all the sad plants that Connie had made me take when she moved (all white from lack of nitrogen and many planted several inches too deep in pots that were too large) plus my African violets, which had been taking a beating from being in the cat room. It took me 3 hours and they all looked better when I was done. I ate some ribs, which I turned into pulled pork and added black beans too so served it over Trader Joe’s harvest blend grains with cheese – yum! – and watched Frozen River while knitting. I went to bed without having cleaned the kitchen but at least I could say I’d accomplished something. Lorri and I had made plans for an early morning walk and breakfast the next day, which would get me up, dressed and out the door early, plus get me pumped to have a productive day. There was no doubt I’d be laboring on Labor Day.

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