Monday, September 7, 2009

Extra – Décor 8, Merry 1

My friend Dodie told me about the blog Décor8 (I’ve linked it on my blog list), which is full of fun decorating ideas, with everything pure white and just a few well placed, perfectly coordinated objects being the predominate theme. Last week over lunch we were discussing decorating and while neither of us thinks the sparse, white and gorgeous look is attainable in our homes, we did talk about decorating and the age old problem of getting used to things the way they are, even if that means staring at things in boxes or, my particular problem, surfaces covered with clutter rather than some of the cool stuff I have that’s packed away. We both made a pact to start actual decorating in our houses.

My goal for this past weekend was to tackle the wall cabinet in my bathroom – a small job that was a good place to start since it wouldn’t take long. So, I spent a chunk of my Labor Day actually doing the project. It took me much longer than I had planned and involved a shopping trip to every store that was open in Wahoo looking for a clear votive holder. Having failed to find one, I went with a cobalt blue one that I had and that lead to an expedition to the basement in search of things to match it. Having recently gone through my craft room, I was able to quickly locate the perfect piece of lace (bought in the early 80’s for a peasant blouse I never made!) to cover the doors, thereby hiding my less than attractive but necessary toiletries. All in all, I am pleased with the outcome and so wanted to share my before and after pictures with you all.

My pledge is to keep this up one small project at a time. If I don’t post more soon, please remind me of this pledge. : )

P.S. Despite reading this blog for some time, I didn’t make the leap from Décor8 to decorate until last Friday. Sheesh!


  1. I love it! It really improved the piece. Our Labor Day project was putting knobs on my kitchen cabinets. Oh JOY!

  2. Awesome job Merry. I love it. Perfect use for the lace!