Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week 32 - My Exploding Teeth

It was just an average week with the usual stuff, a bit heavy on errand running but normal, until Thursday. I was scheduled to get my crown put in, which I was looking forward to because the temporary one was not very comfortable. I’d had to delay getting the permanent one in because of year end and was sick of chewing being problematic. I went to the dentist first thing and after the seemingly endless adjustments – drill, install, bite, remove – again and again, the new crown was installed and it felt great. I paid my $300+ bill and joked with receptionist that I hoped to not see her again until my cleaning in October. I walked out with a smile, looking forward to chewing on my normal side at lunch.

The rest of Thursday was uneventful, and Friday was looking like more of the same. I had to be at the library after work to volunteer for the String Beans concert. I wasn’t sure what my job would be but I’d committed to get there ~6:00 and stay until the bitter end. It was blazing hot and I was hoping I wouldn’t be responsible for grilling the hotdogs the Friends were selling. Since I didn’t know when I’d get to eat, I started snacking on some caramel corn on the drive to Wahoo. I bit into something hard and remember thinking that I should be eating on the side with the new crown since that side would be stronger. I didn’t eat much since a hot dog was in my future and as I was roving my tongue around my mouth in an effort to remove the popcorn remnants, I soon realized that the hard thing I had felt was not an unpopped kernel but a big chunk of the furthest back tooth on the other side! What was that, about a day and half and another tooth had exploded? What were the chances? Was it bad karma from my smart ass remark at the dentist? Pay back for the massive dose of high fructose corn syrup in the caramel corn? Hell, the popcorn was a fund raiser for midget football. Were the football gods somehow pissed at me? I guess I’ll never know but damn! I headed to the library, knowing I’d spend the whole night with my tongue constantly working the new hole in my mouth. And that with a burned tongue from my Starbucks that morning.

There were plenty of volunteers so I was able to enjoy the concert, which was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast. I left before 9:00 and went home to shower and get to bed early in preparation for two days at home getting caught up. Luckily though my dentist had left a message saying I could come in first thing Saturday to he could slap some temporary dental goo over the sharp bits. Since I was out and about (I had planned on never leaving from Friday night until Monday morning), I ran a few errands then headed home to make a few phone calls and head downstairs to slog through more of my craft room. I ended up with tons of stuff to donate to the Hillstead’s garage sale (the deadline is Tuesday.) Sunday found me up at the crack of dawn cleaning up the kitchen and getting stuff done. Unfortunately my enthusiasm waned and I spent far too much time knitting so am ending the weekend with quite a few things still on my to do list. Tomorrow I’m up early for a road trip to the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Kansas with Andrea. Nothing like some yarn shopping to make me forget about my exploding teeth. Sheesh!

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  1. The RGH and I have spent a fair amount of time at the dentist since arriving in Las Vegas too. It must be in the air or something.
    Sounds like your week was okay in spite of the tooth God punishment.