Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 23 - Finished My Sock

So, the first week of my newly reclaimed life was a good one. I had the normal activities – knitting at the library, water aerobics, yard work, food shopping… you know the drill. I did end the week with a busy, yet normal, weekend.

I broke a tooth on Friday and left a message with my dentist, who was out of the office (lucky bum! It was a top 10 day with perfect weather.) I wasn’t really expecting a call over the weekend but he called at 8:20 Saturday morning and offered to look at it right then. I was still in my jammies so threw on some clothes and was in the chair within 10 minutes getting a temporary filling. I then flew home to grab my Friends stuff and was at the library at 9:00 for a meeting, which was super quick for once. Then I headed back home to sop up the water that had come into my basement during the previous night’s rain before getting in the car to head to Connie’s to hang. It was a gorgeous morning so the drive was wonderful – windows open, arm out and 80’s music on the radio. We went out to lunch then just hung out for the rest of the day, mostly watching movies because the weather had turned and it was blazing hot and humid. We did venture out for a walk after supper but it was so hot I walked with my arms out from my body so nothing would move. Sheesh! I left Connie’s at 9:15 for the 100 mile ride home, hoping I wouldn’t get hailed on (it’s not fun to get stuck in a hail storm on the road.)

Luckily Sunday was cool and dreary (no hail but a front had come through to change the weather) so the cats let me sleep late. I woke to a normal Sunday (something I hadn’t had in awhile) of laundry, neatizing and cooking. By the end of the day my fridge was full of healthy food (enough cut up fruit to choke a horse!) and my chores were done. What a good feeling.

So, what was special about this week? I’d have to say it was my sock. On Monday night, I finished my first sock – the first of many I hope (and based on the 4 more balls of sock yarn I’ve bought, it should be.) It’s got tiny stitches (size 1 needles will do that), is totally fun and I learned a lot of new techniques (thanks to Andrea, my new friend from Monday night knitting.) My hope is that this is the first accomplishment in my Summer of Creativity.

There, I said it. For years I’ve said that when the weather gets too hot to be outside and I hole up with the AC, I’ll head down to my craft room and get creative. Quilting, sewing, prepping stuff for eBay – they’ve all made the list. But summer after summer it doesn’t happen. I usually spend my evenings going to water aerobics and then coming home to watch netflixed dvd’s. Could this be the summer I break the cycle? Could the fact that I finished my sock on June 1st, the first night of my newly reclaimed life, be a sign? I guess it’s up to me to make it so and keep the productivity going. Andrea made me vow to cast on the 2nd sock immediately upon finishing the first one, which I did and I’ve already made quite a dent in it. But getting downstairs will be the real test. My craft room is in decent shape and I have all the makings for a new summer purse. My hope is that next weekend I’ll be blogging a picture of my new, fun purse. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of my fabulous sock. : )

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  1. GO YOU!!!
    One sock down, one to go. I love it when a plan comes together.