Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 22 - Made My Deadline

Well, it’s May 31st and I got it all done. Between my 5 day weekend over Memorial Day and 2 solid days this weekend, I did just about everything on my short term to do list. I can now face the summer without feeling overwhelmed. Life is good!

After I blogged last Monday morning, I got busy outside and did the heaviest day of gardening of the 5 days. I extended the bed I started last year on the south side of the deck all the way around to meet up with the bed by the air conditioner. I was having trouble mowing around the step and the grass there had taken a beating during the deck construction so its time had come. I dug the grass up by hand, sifted off what soil I could salvage, mixed that with compost, peat and old rabbit food (it had gotten wet and so I used it as a nitrogen source. Hell, why not?) and put it back in. Then I started planting – some stuff I’d bought specifically for that bed and other things I gleaned from other beds in the yard. Once that was done I mulched the entire bed so it’s one continuous bed all around the deck. It looks much better but boy was I pooped!

I purposely scheduled planting the wildflowers at the library until my last day of vacation, knowing that no matter how tired I was, I’d show up. Lorri and Barb, another master gardener, came to help so it only took a couple of hours. Luckily it was completely cloudy and actually chilly so that made it easier. Once I was done there, I headed home to relax for the afternoon of my last day off. It was a VERY productive long weekend.

The work week flew by (go figure – it was only 3 days long!) I was filling in for Belinda so had to fill 3 feeding stations before work every day so that meant leaving earlier, which is always hard for me. I did water aerobics twice and then exercised my “just say NO” muscle and did not go scrapbooking on Friday. Instead I went home to get ready for the home stretch weekend, determined to get all my projects done by month end.

I got up bright and early on Saturday and went to the library to water the wildflowers with Lorri. That done, I headed home to put in my vegetable garden. I worked at it all day, taking lots of breaks because my body still had residual aches from the previous weekend. Slow but sure I got it weeded, tilled by hand and planted. I snapped a picture to commemorate the event because the garden never looks better than when it’s first planted – before the weeds set in. But that won’t happen this year because this will be the year I mulch everything and weed whatever comes through, right? I live in hope.

Sunday I got most of my chores done, on what amounted to a “normal” Sunday – something I haven’t had all spring. It was hot and windy so I even hung the clothes out on the line, making Al Gore proud and getting sweet smelling sheets in the bargain. I didn’t get any cooking done because it was just too hot - pushing 90 but not humid. It wasn’t worth putting the a/c on because it’s going to be back in the 70’s after the weather breaks tomorrow. It’s been a weird May with lots of 80 and 60 degree days but not too many 70’s. At least I’m saving on my electric bill.

So now my time sensitive gardening is done, my house is in reasonable order and I’m ready to face life head on. My old friend Patti used to kid me because I was forever turning over new leaves – new year’s, beginning of summer hours (which would have been Tuesday if I still worked at Brown), new fiscal year, end of summer hours or any month when Monday was on the first. Well, guess what tomorrow is - Monday June 1st! And here I am ready to start anew. : )

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  1. I wish I had your get up and go. My gosh woman, you do more stuff than three people combined. Next time I get bored, I am going to call you for ideas.
    Right now, I am packing. I wish I was gardening like you. May not be able to in Las Vegas.
    Take care.