Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week 13 - My Last Week

Where did the month go? It was my last week at home and while I was feeling better with every passing day, I had gotten absolutely nothing productive done all month. Now I know, I was recuperating but I still thought I'd get something done. Anything! But no. Keeping myself clean and fed was all I got done and now here I was with only a week left. Oh well.

It was another gloomy week and it started out slow with me staying inside starting another pair of socks and having tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch. I went out for Monday night knitting, which is always a bright spot in my week but especially this month when I've spent so much time alone at home. On Tuesday Nancy stopped by and I did it up with strawberries and cream, cookies and tea. I needed those two quiet days because I had two busy ones coming up.

I had my 4 week follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday morning and had hoped I could lose the brace and start taking my anti-inflammatory again but both those hopes were dashed. I had to wear the brace for 2 more weeks but at least he took the pillow off, which was attached around my waist so it'd be much more comfortable without it. As for the drugs, I'd have to wait until May 10th, which is the date of my next, and hopefully last, appointment with the doctor. It was also time to start PT, which I scheduled for the parking garage for later that day. I then went to lunch at Green Gateau with Dodie (yummy and fun) then went to work for an hour. I had just enough time to run the quarterly EHS transfer so was actually productive. Yay! I took 2 tylenol and headed to PT.

It wasn't bad. They started me out with heat and some hand exercises (not that my hand had been idle at all with all the socks I knitted) then some dangling exercises before the therapist stretched my arm into positions it hadn't been in in a month. If it hurt, he backed off so it wasn't bad at all and any soreness was nixed by 15 minutes of game ready icing and I was out the door. It was a long day so I was happy to be home. 

I had a dentist appointment first thing on Thursday then headed to Omaha with Lorri for lunch at Panera, where I thoroughly enjoyed a crisp salad and got a free cookie for my birthday. Then we went to the movie Lion, which was a tear jerker and worth seeing. We ran a couple of errands and got Starbuck's for the ride home. I was finally beginning to feel normal, probably because I was doing normal things. That said, I was happy to be home relaxing and with nothing else planned for the rest of the week.

I had skyped with Eileen a couple of times making plans for going to Sue's knitting retreat in early May. I was hesitant to ask Nora for the two days I'd need off but Anne, who was going too, egged me on so I called Nora and she approved it. We'd be making a quick trip of it - flying to Toronto Thursday morning, where we'd meet up with Cindy and her friend to rent a car and drive to Port Elgin for the start of the retreat Thursday night. We'd leave right after breakfast on Sunday to drive back to Toronto and fly home Sunday evening. Quick but that's the only way I could justify going and it'd be fun. No hanging at Eileen's but maybe next year. Anyway, I dinked around online and found us dirt cheap tickets and car. Maybe I should count that as an accomplishment.

While I was talking to Eileen, she mentioned that she'd spent time watching knitting podcasts while she was recuperating from her knee surgery. That brought to mind the Knotty Knit Wits - a podcast I'd heard about from one of the hosts who sent me yarn from Ravelry. At the time, I couldn't fathom watching 2 women I didn't know talk about knitting for 2 hours at a pop. Well, after a month at home facing gloomy weather and a gimpy arm, it was perfect. I spent the next three days watching episode after episode and knitting  up a storm. 

On Sunday I finally started getting ready for work. I cleaned my thermos and got my book bag ready to go, put the coffee pot on autobrew and set my alarm. Yikes! That was going to be a rude awakening, especially from my recliner. I would only be starting back part-time but I was ready to do more than sit at home and knit. I'd made 3 pairs of socks and worked on several other projects but it was time to get back to reality and I was looking forward to work.

I was also SO grateful for all the help I got from my friends. They dropped food, helped me with dishes and folding laundry, neither of which I could do in my sling, drove me around and kept my spirits up. My sister called almost every day too and there were daily Chronicles of Rosie postings from my cubie mates. If this month taught me anything, it's that I'm loved and have a wonderful support system. I am truly lucky and life is good! Now to get on with the PT and getting my mobility back.

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