Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 22 - Now Shoulder Problems

It was an eventful week so lots to write about, starting with more water in the basement.

We’d already had plenty of rain and as of Monday, there was rain in the forecast every single day for as far as the forecast went. I drove through torrential rain coming home on Monday and knowing the ground was already saturated, I went down to the basement to check for water. Keep in mind, the problem downspout was firmly attached with duct tape yet I could already see water seeping in at the bottom where the wall meets the floor. I put a towel down over the seepage and left for knitting hopeful that it wouldn’t be too bad. Well, we got another 2” or rain overnight so when I left for work, the floor was completely wet AGAIN. I ordered a shop vac from Amazon and decided to ignore it all until it arrived. Sheesh!

I called my ortho practice on Monday to see about getting an appointment to look at my left shoulder, which had been bothering me for months. It wasn’t super painful but I figured I might as well see if they could do something before Scotland. Not only did I get an appointment for Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. with a new doc I’d never seen (I’d only been there for my knees so never needed a shoulder doc) but I had the appointment, x-rays and a cortisone shot and was at my desk by 9:30. When does that ever happen? Anyway, the problem is a calcification on my bone that’s irritating my rotator cuff tendon. If the cortisone doesn’t work there’s a needle stick thing they can try to break up the calcification before they would consider anything arthroscopic. Nice. I left hopeful for some relief with instructions to email in a week to give them an update. The needle thing would actually be an option before Scotland. More shock there, right?

With my shoulder burning from the shot, I headed home Tuesday night but decided when I got to Ceresco that I should stop at Erica’s and see her new house. I could see from the front porch that they were eating an early dinner and when she invited me to join them, I agreed. After a burger, chips and corn, I got a quick tour before they had to leave for trap shooting. Since I’d already eaten and had bought pepper plants over lunch, I stopped at the farm store for cages and went home to finish planting my veg beds. I also filled the hole by the downspout with soil and tamped that down in hopes that that’d help with the ongoing water problem. With all that done (all I have left is a handful of perennials from Spring Affair and I will get them in the ground before Scotland), I headed inside for a night of knitting, feeling good about my garden progress.

While I did get woken up by thunder in the wee hours Tuesday, we didn’t get any rain to speak of and most of the other predicted storms petered out before the hit Wahoo. The water was mostly dried by the time the vacuum arrived on Thursday but there would be some sucking happening over the weekend because I would have some unexpected free time. Connie was supposed to be coming for Memorial Day weekend to stay with her daughter in Lincoln so I’d kept my weekend wide open so I could hang with her as much as possible. Then the phone rang Wednesday night. She’d fallen and tweaked her knee the previous weekend and wasn’t going to be able to make the drive. My completely full weekend was now wide open and I was stymied by the possibilities for all that free time. I’d figure something out for sure.

The week flew by, especially Thursday when I had training all afternoon (a doubled up session with two newbies who couldn’t wait until after fiscal year end when I start classes again) then book club at the library that night. I had a lovely lunch with Cindy on Friday (Layton was on vacation) then met with Nora in the afternoon to prep for her being gone the next week. Friday at 5:00 was there in a flash.

Since the weather was finally heating up, the semi-annual clothes swap was first up on Saturday. I’d ended the previous fall with not a single pair of capris that fit (I wore ridiculously too big ones until fall then donated them all) so had all the ones I’d bought at the thrifts plus some from Carolyn to try on. And while I did have a couple of shirts that I’d taken to Florida ready to wear, I had tons of new shirts to try on too. It took most of the day but by the end, I had a huge bag for Goodwill of too large clothes from last year and a closet full of things to wear now. I had many, many pairs of tan khakis but few other colors and too many drab shirts in the closet but at least I had something ready to wear.

When Andrea called first thing Sunday to suggest an Omaha run, I jumped at the chance figuring I needed some socializing after my solitary Saturday. I loaded up the back seat with my bags of clothes and off we went. We stopped at several Goodwills, Penzey's, Trader Joe's and Aldi. We even hit TJMaxx and Marshall's looking for a dress for Carolyn. What was supposed to be a quick trip lasted all day but I had a full fridge and the clothes were out of my house. I went to bed Sunday feeling good about things and looking forward to another day off. Gotta love 3 day weekends. : )

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