Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 7 - Back to Rotating

I woke up Monday morning with a blazing headache and couldn't face the thought of work so called in and went back to bed. I slept the morning away, waking up fuzzy headed and droopy but with the headache gone. I sat like a zombie all afternoon and got nothing done. Not an auspicious start to the week. Oh well. Tuesday flew by with catching up from Monday plus it was a food day, which always makes for a fun day. Wednesday was a busy day of training and meetings so the week was half over in a flash.

My check engine light came on on the way to work Wednesday, which considering I drive 60+ miles everyday was a concern. I made an appointment for Thursday and dropped my car in the morning, asking for a general once over because the car was almost at 180k miles and had never had a tune up. Kevin told me it didn't work that way anymore and that I should wait for something to go wrong. They had to order a part so I dropped it back after lunch Friday and picked it up after work and before swimming. The tire rotation made for a nice ride and I had high hopes to not need anything else for awhile. This repair had come in at ~$600 so was below my $1,000 threshold that will have me buying a new car.

The Friends of the Library's annual Wine & Dine dinner was Saturday night and very little had been done to prep for it beyond booking the country club and caterer and selling tickets. The emails were flying and it became clear that my Saturday would be consumed. I put a call out to the knitters for door prizes and after a Skype date with Eileen Friday night, I slogged through my spare room looking for things I'd bought and set aside, which was no easy task because my spare room is a nightmare. 

After a 10:15 vet appointment with 2 cats on Saturday morning, I had 6 door prizes packed up and left for the library at 11:30 with the intent that I'd organize the prizes and head back home. Well, Denise already had them in her car so she suggested I meet her at the country club at 1:30 to help with set up. That killed any hope of free time on Saturday. I was at the country club until almost 4:00, leaving just enough time to head home for a cup of tea before getting dressed and heading back for dinner. I sat with Andrea and Mike, Donna and a friend of Andrea's and the prime rib was good. I left at 9:00, happy that it was over and that it had been such a success. Note to self: Make sure things are being taken care of next year instead of trusting that others are helping. 

I was happily starting another rotation on Sunday morning. I had gained a ridiculous amount of weight in Florida (I blame the constant pistachio consumption) and had eaten everything in sight since getting back. I felt like crap and was happy to begin eating healthy again. In between laundry and chores, I spent a chunk of time prepping produce for the week, determined to have a good rotation. Carolyn has been "rotating old school" - no extras and sticking to the menus - with great success so I plan to do the same. Time to get back on track and lose another chunk of weight. Wish me luck.

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