Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 51 - Rhode Island Ready

So I woke up Monday dragging and feeling poopy. If I didn’t feel too guilty to call in for mental health day, this would have been the day but instead I called in late and sat in the sun until I felt better. It did a world of good and I got to work just after 10:00 ready to face the week. Nora finally gave me her vision for what I should teach at the upcoming Winter Workshop so that was progress. It was late coming though but at least I got something. She called me in the next morning saying I seemed stressed. Well I wasn’t anymore. Knowing your boss’ expectations is always good.

Tuesday was our office Christmas party at Misty’s, where we do a white elephant swap (called a Yankee swap in RI) over yummy lunch. Then I went to the movie Brooklyn after work with water aerobics friends then out for a light dinner at Dempsey’s afterwards. Wednesday was UAAD’s Graze & Mingle so yet more food. Thursday was lunch with Dodie and Friday with Layton. Seeing a trend here? It’ll be a miracle if I don’t gain 10 pounds over the holidays.

I had a BAD afternoon on Friday. I was not treated as the professional I am and was not happy about that. That’s all I’ll say on the matter. I went home to alcohol (Guinness) and snacks for supper. While it was delicious, I was still bothered so was awake from 2:00-5:00 Saturday morning but was able to fall back asleep and so got a late start on Saturday. I was determined to put it behind me, chalking it up to stress on everyone’s part. Whose idea was it to schedule a huge, all day training right after break? Sheesh!

My friend Jeanie from spinning was in town Saturday so Andrea was having tea at her house. But Jeanie got a late start (she lives 2 hours north) and so it was more like supper time before we sat down to tea. It was a nice catch up though and I left Andrea’s with a big container of squash soup to get me through the weekend. Because Sunday was about slamming through chores and Christmas prep – wrapping, calendars and cooking. I powered through and felt good about my progress by the end of the day. Just 2 work days and I’d be headed to Rhode Island. I could only hope for quick, stress free days. 

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