Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 47 - Building Bad Attitude

The most memorable thing about this week was my bad attitude. It started with things just not going smoothly and built from there. It wasn’t pretty by the end of the week. Bummer.

I was running late to Power Pump on Monday morning and then Pixel didn’t come in, which left me with nagging, low level worry all day. Of course she was waiting at the door when I got home. That at least was good. Then Tuesday after work I met Nancy for a movie at The Ross – Labyrinth of Lies. Nothing like a movie about prosecuting Nazis to improve your mood. The premise was that the average German didn’t know what was going on in the camps. I didn’t buy it so did some googling later and found a book to check out of the library that debunked that theory. Reading more on this would not help my mood.

UAAD was the bright spot in the week. It was Ed Zimmer, a Lincoln historian, doing a presentation on Wyuka Cemetery. Thoroughly interesting but then I went back to work. I got a last minute invite to a meeting Thursday morning that I should have been invited to in the first place. Then my boss called in so I got why. She called me from home and grilled me on the meeting, clearly not happy with what had transpired. Then I ended up alone in the office that afternoon and the bad attitude escalated. By Friday I was a cranky mess.

Luckily, it was an uneventful weekend. I holed up and knitted inside, which did some to moderate my mood but not enough. I could only hope that the short week and four day break coming up would fix it all. I live in hope.

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