Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 25 - Operation Spare Bedrooom

This week was all about clearing out my spare bedroom. With the clock ticking on my sister’s arrival (now moved up a day to late Thursday – must remember to ask for a vacation day Friday), my dumping ground room had to be functional, which meant clearing the piled high bed as well as the rest of the crap on the floor and ever surface. I had my work cut out for me.

I did get a few other things done in the countdown to the weekend. I had my follow up mammo on Tuesday (clean bill of health – yay!) and had a long day on Wednesday, getting my car to Omaha for 7:00 a.m., driving the loaner to Lincoln for a full work day then back to Omaha after work to pick  it up. $700 later, my AC was back and not a minute too soon because summer arrived with its typical heat and humidity. Add knitting on Monday and swimming on Tuesday and Thursday and it was a busy week. The diet is still going swimmingly and I’m a hair away from another milestone. Stay tuned on that.

This weekend was the annual retreat for my spinning group, which I’ve never attended but I had been considering going up just for Saturday. Andrea was going and I wanted to see Jeanie’s farm but I decided not to take a day out of the weekend, which would surely have stressed me out since I had a firm deadline on the room clear out. It was the right decision. I started on the room first thing on Saturday and chipped away at the piles for the rest of the weekend.

Part of the project involved rethinking all of my upstairs storage. There was a pile of linens and bedspreads on the spare bed because the top shelf of the spare closet was full of huge Creative Memories photo storage boxes with all my pics and my mom’s. Luckily they were shallow enough to fit under the bed so under they went, clearing that shelf up for linens. The new piles of clothes that don’t fit were next and while there’s one basket for Helen and Dottie to go through, there’s another lot of bags headed to Goodwill. And one of the empty drawers in the spare dresser is now full of the gifts that I pulled out of the under the bed box I needed for sock yarn. And now I need to either buy a couple more under the bed boxes or rethink the drawers in the other dresser since I had no spare clothes in storage these days.

So by the end of the day Sunday, the room was completely cleared out, the bed empty and all surfaces cleared and ready for the cleaning lady on Tuesday. And other than a few book bags that I need to find a place for, everything is put away rather than just relocated. I have 3 bags of yarn to take to knitting to share too. Unfortunately I didn’t make time to prep any produce for the week but since I’m going into a 600/900 week, I don’t get to eat much so will do OK. I have some leftover quinoa and kale (made a huge pot of that on Saturday night, which is tasty and so healthy that I feel holier than though with every bite) and thawed some swordfish for Monday and Tuesday night at least.

And I just need to mention that Masterpiece Theatre has remade Poldark, which is the first ever MT that I ever watched back in high school, so almost 40 years ago. I watched it last night and think it’ll be another good series. All good! Stay cool and have a good week everyone.

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