Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 15 - Shades of Spring

If one of the main things I remember from the week was how hungry I was, I’d say it was a pretty uneventful week. For me anyway. It was a dreary, wet week with no sun at all until Friday. Now I like rain but we didn’t get any appreciable rain until Thursday so it was dreary with no benefit. Oh well. April showers you know.

This was the first week of my third rotation so it should have been a cake walk but for some reason this time, the 600 calorie days were brutal. I was eating pretty much what I ate on the other rotations but was so hungry that I could hear my stomach growling from outside my body. Not fun. But I stuck with it and other than an ounce of cheddar I ate before swimming on Tuesday, I didn’t deviate from the menus. I was motivated to lose the jelly bean weight I’d gained before Easter, which I did by the end of the week plus 3 more pounds. All good. But it was harder this week than it’s ever been so I hope this was an aberration.

I swam Tuesday and Wednesday because I was going to the movies on Thursday with my friend Nancy. Anne and I were talking about her mom’s health in the pool on Wednesday. She has some chronic health problems and had been to Mayo recently for some follow up visits. Well, Anne called me Thursday morning to say her mom had died in her sleep. This was so sad and a huge blow to Anne, who was devoted to her mom. I had to fight tears at my desk but it’s not about me. I wasn’t close to my mother so can’t relate to how Anne’s feeling but told her I’d be there for anything she needs. I potted up some cheery pansies for her, which seems lame but it’s a start.

The move was fun (In Search of General Tso at The Ross along with a short documentary on Sriracha) and then we went to Ploughshare, where I skipped the stout and just had their delicious beet and goat cheese salad. Now I’m sure that blew my 900 calories for the day but I was OK with that. At least I hadn’t had popcorn at the theatre.

I made a beeline home on Friday, despite having a list of possible places to stop. The sun was out and I just wanted to be home to start the weekend. Typical. I started my weekend by dyeing some alternate yarn for the socks I was working on and had them hanging in the shower to dry by bedtime. Nice start.

Andrea was at my door early Saturday, delivering scalloped cement borders for my new berry bed. I then called Tim to come over about building my new compost bins, which he said he could do. After running Friends of the Library errands, it was already lunch time. Unfortunately it was too wet to do much outside but done but I did putter a bit outside, getting a few non-digging things taken care of before it was time to head to Lori’s. Her sister was in town for the weekend so we were knitting, which is always good. Despite bringing Girl Scout cookies, I didn’t indulge, sticking to just tea. My head is so in this diet! Anyway, it was fun, as always, and I didn’t get home until after 7:00.

Sunday was a day at home. It was still pretty soggy out but I opted to stay in and catch up on things instead of gardening because my house was a mess. My cleaning lady is due Tuesday so my house hasn’t been cleaned in almost 4 weeks and it shows but I also had regular chores and wanted to do some cooking since I have more options on my 1200 calorie week. I got everything on my list done, which always feels great and it put me in a good place to start the week. I also finished a sock that was an experiment so it involved ripping out most of both socks, changing my contrast yarn (Friday’s dye job) and experimenting with stitches but I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. What do you think? I see a jonquil, hence the pic, but Lori’s sister saw candy corn. I’m going with the spring theme. And on that note, have a good week and enjoy whatever weather spring has brought your way.

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  1. I started a diet, too. I wish fat was healthy!