Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 4 - Shake It Off

Starting the week with a holiday is always wonderful but the day was a blurr. I can’t tell you what I did but I know I enjoyed it. Good thing because I found a big problem as soon as I got to work, which put a damper on things.

I had majorly screwed up the allocations I’d done on Friday, so much so that they had to be reversed and rerun. 6,000 transactions! Oddly enough I didn’t beat myself up too much, which is my normal MO, getting over it almost immediately. The day flew and I enjoyed my first ever aqua boot camp, which is taught by a man and is a tough work out. I felt great when I left the pool then stopped at the bread store and found some alternative bread products that still work with the rotation. All good.

Wednesday – not so much. Nora found a mistake on the reconciliation sheet for the redone allocations. It was a typo that meant we were $3,000 short. Now we can make that up next quarter but that was another blow and I couldn’t shake it off. I was in a funk for the rest of the day, which ended with being assigned a nearly impossible database – the kind where I’ll program for ages and it’ll look great but be useless. I had steak ready for the grill so was planning on going right home but decided to swim as I drove out of the parking lot in hopes that exercising with my friends would turn my mood around. BTW, did you EVER think you’d hear those words out of my mouth? Anyway, I drove to the pool but when I couldn’t find a parking space, I didn’t have time to search so headed home anyway. An evening of PBS and knitting went a long way towards improving my mood.

Thursday started out better and I was trying to Shake it Off, which left me singing Taylor Swift all day. But then my co-worker started going on and on about the new project and by the end of the day I was done and had to leave my office because I couldn’t listen to it another minute. I was so happy to head to the pool at 5:00. I had packed a sandwich to eat in the car on the way to book club, which was a good discussion about The Longest Trip Home by John Grogan of Marley & Me fame.

There was more whining on Friday and I ended the day shut in Nora’s office doing the part of the new project that had been causing such drama for my office mate. How could a four day week be so long? It’s like my relaxing Monday had never happened! At least I’d had a productive day, stopping at Wal-Mart to pick up a new cat tower before work, getting new watch bands and batteries at lunch and I stopped at Best Buy on the way home. They gave me $53 in store credit for the headphones I won before Christmas, which I promptly put towards a new camera for my cruise. The TV and Roku for the craft room will have to wait. I’m hoping I can find a cheaper TV for the craft room than Best Buy had to offer. And what’s with the wall mount costing half as much as the TV? After an Aldi run to replenish my crisper, I was home for the weekend.

I had very little on my agenda so had a lovely weekend. I had everything but the laundry done on Saturday and even did some cooking at supper, which was my first since starting the rotation. I made a pork chop and cabbage skillet with applesauce based sauce. Not my most delicious dinner but not bad and at least it wasn’t grilled meat and veg, which is getting old. I finally was sleeping better too. All good.

Since everything was in order, on Sunday I slogged through the spare room. The bed was piled 3 feet deep with crap (I’m not exaggerating here) and there was stuff on the floor too. By the end of the day, I had a big pile for Goodwill, another pile of unraveling sweaters to share with the knitters on Monday had brought lots of stuff downstairs. All I had left to do was sort all the yarn, which is a ridiculous amount and will take time and light, which I’d lost by then. Between the slogging, I had also managed to knit a cute pair of booties for Shelley’s baby, who will arrive Thursday. Hopefully they’ll make it to RI in the mail by then.

I had wanted to have pasta for dinner (legal in the 1200 calorie week) but didn’t have any sauce in the freezer so I pulled out one of the turkey dinner leftovers from Thanksgiving. It was yummy and still within my 1200 calories for the day but not worth it since the sodium probably made me retain some water, which left me only using 3 pounds for the week. I’m up to 13 pounds in 2 weeks so it’s still good. I have high hopes for my mid-week weigh being back on a 600/900 week. It’s all good. Hopefully this week will have less drama than last week. Have a good one.

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