Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 47 - All About Food

In looking back at the week, the predominant thing seems to be food. Otherwise it was a pretty normal and productive week.

Cheryl and Nora have birthdays a day apart so we always do lunch together at Green Gateau. Since we had a food day scheduled Tuesday (Nora’s birthday), we went out on Monday and since it was  a birthday, I got cake. Yum. I trained all afternoon so the day was quickly over. It was bitter cold on Monday so we had some people not coming to knitting and not wanting most of a pizza left, I didn’t get it and instead brought cottage cheese dip. After knitting I went home to frost the pumpkin cream oreo cupcakes for food day on Tuesday. It made 33 cupcakes.

Good thing I’d finished them Monday night because I forgot to set my alarm and overslept on Tuesday morning. Since it was food day, I skipped breakfast and got to work on time. There were so many pumpkin desserts that only 3 of my cupcakes got eaten! Not happy. I left them at work and headed to the pool after work for aqua boot camp. It was the first of 3 nights in a row in the pool.

No one had signed up for the training class I was supposed to teach with Nora so we were free Wednesday. I had brought lunch but UNL Today said that it was the international food fair at the union so I left my sloppy joe in the frig and got dumplings and rice at the Russian booth and some stuffed grape leaves at the Greek one. Very tasty. Water yoga was great after work then it was home for Survivor and Tuesday’s uneaten sloppy joe.

Thursday was my weekly thrifting and spring rolls with Dodie. I found a few things, including some yarn bags that had a bit for me and the rest went directly to Anne at the pool Thursday night. My knee was twingy but I swam anyway. Anne’s remark made me realize that her birthday is the same day as Cheryl’s so invited her to go to lunch on Friday at Noodles, which was round 2 of birthday celebration because Cheryl and Nora had coupons for free lunch. There was a huge line and Nora’s pasta was so swimming in butter that she poured off at least 1/8 of a cup before she could eat it. It was still fun though and my buffalo chicken mac and cheese was tasty.

See what I mean about food? I didn’t bring a single lunch all week. Between all that eating, the work days flew by as we all did a chunk of a new, time sensitive project. With knitting Monday and the next three nights in the pool, the evenings were short too. The week was over in a flash. I spent Friday night prepping for calendar page day at Nora’s on Saturday, which involved digging through scrapbooking supplies in the basement and baking a pan of brownies from scratch.

Nora, Cheryl and I do photo calendars every year so we each design 4 6x6” pages and make 9 copies of each then swap them out so we each have 3 calendars ready for pictures. I make them for my sisters every Christmas filled with pictures from our childhood. It’s fun but a lot of work and this was the 2nd year that we made our pages together, which makes it a fun, creative and productive day.

I had the car loaded and was on the road shortly after 8:00. After a stop at Le Quartier Bakery for some croissants and a loaf of bread for lunch, I was at Joann’s when the doors opened at 9:00. They didn’t have what I was there for (something for a Ravelry swap) but I looked around and found some ribbon and paper for calendar pages. I was a machine and slamming out pages all morning, getting 3 done. After stopping for a yummy lunch of Nora’s tomato soup with rosemary along with the blue cheese bread I’d brought, I slowed down a bit. I managed to design and finish my 4th set of pages then Cheryl and I slammed out another so they’d all be done. I had thought I’d be home in time for tea but didn’t leave Nora’s until 5:30 then stopped at Wal-Mart (ick but at least it’s a nice, new one) for coffee and a turkey so didn’t get home until well after dark.

My cousin and I were getting together at some point Sunday to catch up and I hadn’t been sitting long when she called. When we decided to have breakfast at my house at 7:00 a.m., I had to get up and start neatizing the kitchen, which still had the cupcake dishes in the sink and dirty dishes all over the bar because I’d never unloaded the dishwasher. I had most of it done when she called to say she’d rethought it and would rather do a late lunch at Chips so she could take her time feeding the horses in the morning. At first I sat down but then remembered I was an adult so got up and finished. It would be nice to wake up Sunday to a clean kitchen. Because I had plans to sit like a blob as much as possible on Sunday, knitting of course.

I slept past 7:00 on Sunday because I’d stayed up late watching Homeland on DVD. It felt great to sit and ease into the day. I talked to Carolyn and my sister then showered and headed to St. Wenz for their cookie sale. You buy them by the dozen and choose the exact cookies you want from three banquet tables covered with holiday cookies baked by the kids’ families. How perfect is that? Helen still hadn’t called at 1:00 and I was getting pretty hungry having only had cheerios for breakfast. She called back to say she’d pick me up after 2:00 so I had a couple of cookies to tide me over. We had a lovely lunch (I ordered a breakfast skillet) and then Helen came back for cookies and tea. We chatted for hours, which is always nice.

What a week! It was jam packed with fun and somehow I managed to get my chores done so won’t be slamming too hard to prep for the cleaning lady. And the calendar pages are done so all I have to do is decide on the pics, scan them, have them printed and put them together. I’ll add that to my burgeoning list for my four days off next week. : )

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